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Mr. Rochester broods …

As I wrote about in a previous post, I’ve been reading Jane Eyre as of late and for better or worse, George C. Scott is my image of Mr. Rochester. I created the image below for myself I was playing with screen caps from the video available on YouTube and started manipulating the images with Photoshop. I had all sorts of enhancements on the image at certain points in its development – red strings from ribs, written quotes about tears dropping from the lash, etc. But the embellishments didn’t really seem to add much to the feeling of the image and looked a tad art school gimmicky. So here it is. I know it is an acquired taste to have George C. as Edward and the image has limited appeal. If you like it, take it, give credit if you can and if you want a small card of the image just click on it and go to the store and purchase it.


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One thought on “Mr. Rochester broods …

  1. Oh, yeah… Even though the print that my DVD is from is terrible, the GCS version of Jane Eyre has been in heavy rotation on my DVD-watching nights of late. Despite the missing bits, it is still wonderful to watch what I can only describe as a beautifully acted fencing match between Suzannah York’s Jane and Scott’s Rochester. Plus Ms. York had enough presence of her own to keep from being overwhelmed by GCS, which says a lot for her ‘acting chops’. In particular, I love all the dialogue between the two of them leading up to where Rochester kisses Jane, and that post-kiss moment where Rochester says “Let no man meddle with me, for I mean to keep her…” Watching the body-language, he gives the impression that no matter how close he is holding her, it isn’t close enough, and it probably still wouldn’t be even if they were naked in each other’s arms.

    I also love three other moments– where Rochester’s gruffness and bluster just crumble right at the end of the post-wedding fiasco argument where he is trying to get Jane to stay, and he basically (and very tenderly) begs her “not to go right away… wait awhile…” It sets up Jane’s precipitous decamp from Thornfield beautifully, because the viewer is in no doubt that Jane knows if she stays a moment longer she will give in. The other two moments I like are Rochester’s tender gesture towards his mad wife when he gently pulls her hair away from her face right after she attacks and tries to bite/scratch him, and the post-burning-bed-curtains moment when Rochester says to Jane “I knew you would do me good… I knew it from the first moment I saw you…” With regard to the latter, there is an urgency to the way he delivers the line that leaves the viewer in no doubt that Rochester has a set, and they are making him think twice about letting Miss Eyre leave his bedroom.

    I have trouble with some of the later versions of Jane Eyre because I just don’t feel that undercurrent of Rochester really *wanting* Jane– and Jane vibrating in complete sympathy with that want like a tuning fork– is present.

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