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Well, well, well …. Today I found out why I had such difficulty understanding the actors when I went to see Seminar in New York, and why I have been having such a hard time understanding my niece and nephew in the mornings when I take them to school, and why I have been so frustrated trying to catch what my coworkers are trying to say and why it sounds like I have a wet blanket draped over my head when I don’t have the hearing aids in …

I have had about a 20% drop off in hearing in my good ear. And not just hearing as in the sounds aren’t loud enough – nooo – the sounds are plenty loud with my hearing aids in but unfortunately it is a drop off in hearing clarity. That means that no matter how loud it gets I’m still not going to understand the words. It’s like listening to life through a bad PA system – its loud but it’s incomprehensible. What really got to me today is that is not fixable and it’s not reversible. That’s when the reality of all this hit. I usually joke about my hearing loss (as does everyone around me) but this got my attention. I’m 55. What’s my life going to be like at 65? Should I forget learning Russian in favor of ASL? Is there sign language for Spanish speakers? How soon before the hearing will all be gone?

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, grieving over the loss so to speak, when I left work tonight and as I stepped outside, I looked up and there was Orion, his belt shimmering, Betelgeuse beaming, and it put me back in my place. Orion is my constellation. A desert dweller, I wait for winter and Orion announces its arrival. Last year around this time, I stood out in the night sky of Uruguay and found him standing on his head, but still there. There are constants in life. I will allow myself a certain amount of sadness but realized that in the eons of time that Orion has watched pass beneath his feet, this really carries little to no weight.

So I’ll ask people to look at me when they talk and not cover their mouths and bear with me when I ask them to repeat themselves. We’ll just have to wait and see what the MRI reveals if anything.


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3 thoughts on “Orion

  1. All the best people I know are sky-watchers– it tickles me (but doesn’t surprise me) that you adore Orion; so does my amateur astronomy buddy, Prunella Flynn.

    It also cracks me up that the constellation Lepus– the Hare– ‘just happens’ to sit at Orion’s feet… in ancient Egypt, Orion was known as Ausar/Osiris. Osiris was sometimes depicted in Egyptian art with the head of a Hare, and in this guise, was called Un-Nefer/Wen-Nefer, which translates to something along the lines of “Great Good One Of Existence”. (The Un/Wen part of his title is written with a hieroglyph that depicts a seated Hare, and it means ‘to be/to exist’.)

    Very, very sorry to hear you are battling yet more hearing loss! I’ll send good vibes up to Orion to pass along to you– Be well, be happy, Be-Loved-Of-The-Sky!

  2. amoonshadow on said:

    Hmm, I’m going to have to go do some research for my own edification. I was about 1/3 of the way through a masters degree in Art History focusing on Egyptian Art when I dropped out many, many years ago and while I remember the hare hieroglyph I don’t remember its association with Osiris. Synchronicity abounds! Thanks for the good vibes – I’ll keep an ear out for Orion’s delivery. šŸ™‚

  3. The Hare/Osiris link is one of those on-again/off-again things– some older sources like Massey make a link, and some more recent sources say there isn’t one. It’s not all that cut-and-dried though, because over the course of Egyptian history, many deities were subsumed into one another or took on each others’ traits as time passed. Wenet, the Hare-Goddess, did have a consort called Wen/Un, and they were both referred to as nefer/nefret/nofret, as it was a standard ‘prayer-title’. My personal guess is that the later regenerating-God, Osiris, conveniently took on the praise-name Un-nefer in the same way that his consort Isis absorbed a lot of Hathor’s traits, qualities and titles.

    The other thing that makes me think that it is probably correct to say there was a conflation of Un/Wen and Osiris is that the Egyptians understood their language as a magickal tool– I’m thinking here of the way they purposefully ‘injured’ some of the hieroglyphs they wrote, like showing the horned viper and cobra with their heads symbolically severed, so that their power would not injure anyone reading the written texts or inscriptions. My guess is that if Wenet’s consort and Isis’ consort shared the name Un-nefer, it was probably ‘on purpose’, because their functions were likely similar.

    Anyway, it’s a happy thought, and it also fits what’s ‘in the stars’– Lepus/Wen and Orion/Osiris are right next to each other in the night sky. As above, so below…

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