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And there’s nothing I can do….

I finally had the MRI on Friday – my first one. It wasn’t too bad. I was taken to a nice sized room where the MRI was the focal point – clean lines, modernist, minimalist decor. I didn’t have the hearing aids nor the glasses on so I was almost the female equivalent of Tommy as they led me to the machine. Being positioned in it was akin to being placed in a Mercury Capsule minus the window although it actually had more the look of something from 2001 A Space Odyssey. I had a cage/mask put over my head so I wouldn’t move around too much I suppose. Made me feel a little Hannibal Lecterish. They asked me what music I would like to listen to (to drown out the noise the machine makes). I chose classical. Unfortunately it sounded like a badly tuned radio station – I think that might have had a lot to do with my hearing, or lack thereof, and the jackhammer rattling noise the MRI itself makes.
I was well prepared for all of this by my sister who has MS and has had many an MRI – she claims to find them relaxing. But then she also has a five year old and almost 9 year old at home and MRIs are probably the few occasions she has to nap.
Technically I had two MRIs. One was au naturelle and the other was after I was injected with radioactive waste of some sort that, as my sister puts it, lights up your brain like a Christmas tree. All in all took about an hour. At one point I did have a mild feeling of panic sweep over me as I started thinking about where I was and had no control and what if the MRI operator out there had a stroke or something and the building caught fire and …. And I took a deep breathe and told myself “you’ve always wanted to go up in space – this may be as close as you get.” And I took a breath and listened to the rattling and thought about other things including the mix tape I would make for myself should I ever have to do one of these again. It would start off with David Bowie’s Major Tom (Space Oddity) and include some of the 2001 soundtrack, maybe Pinball Wizard followed by Rocket Man, and the Talking Heads And She Was, and ending with another rendition of Major Tom or perhaps the Eels, Last Stop This Town.

I await the results. Who knows what they’ll find inside my head … If anything but cobwebs and an old 45 of Davey Jones Mickey Dolenz (!) singing “I’m a Believer.”  Please excuse the error – I can’t believe I dissed Micky that way – it must have been some remnant of the radioactive waste still floating around my brain.


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