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Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think…

I broke my Lenten promise. Blatantly sitting with the iPad on my lap watching the Oscars. It gets worse. I have twitter open and I’m following the commenting as it happens. Oh the shame. My promise was to use technology less. To not check my emails, the etsy store, the blog stats, Facebook every fifteen minutes – not an exaggeration. I am obsessively connected. And so being the “good” catholic that I am, I am confessing my sin. And can only say I will try to do better … tomorrow. Easter is a good long ways away. I will try again. But for tonight I have google as my research tool and twitter to confirm my suspicions that Angelina needs to eat something NOW!

Funny what has stayed with me most strongly from my religion. I pray, I light candles, I respect the rituals of my upbringing and the church even tho’ I don’t follow all the edicts and don’t go to mass. My beliefs are best described as a follower of Joseph Campbell. All religions have truth. I have chosen mine as the instrument best suited to me. That and the iPad… I swear I’ll do better tomorrow. Must go back to twitter now. …

UPDATE:  My lord I’m having a hard time disconnecting.  I sincerely think my past lenten sacrifice of giving up coffee was far easier even with the severe headaches and crankiness the withdrawals produced.  I can not seem to quit clicking, tapping, swiping at things.  The ease of connectivity makes it all the more difficult to turn away.  I’ll keep trying but the fact that I keep updating my blog about how I should be limiting my forays into my cyberlife does not bode well ….

Prepare yourselves, I will probably be updating the blog on a daily basis between now and Easter.

P.S.  I also seem to be addicted to the use of ellipsis – and dashes …. its beginning to even annoy me …


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