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My white knight on a steed

This is the way I will always remember Davy.  It was quite a shock to find out he was gone this morning (thank you CW for letting me know – even if it was a shock).  Every generation has its heartthrobs. The same elation that Bieber produces in 10 and 11 year olds now was felt by the 10 and 11 year olds of my generation towards Davy and a little piece of our hearts still jumps with joy and squeals with glee when we see him perform.

I remember I so very, very much wanted a hat like he wore in the above picture. Never did get it.   Of course, being ten and fickle, I soon moved my attentions onto Mickey – ’cause you know, a guy who can make you laugh is a keeper.  And then as a mature 11 year old, or was I 12, my crush on Mike Nesmith blossomed.  Hey, Mike was a serious musician and had a subversive sense of humor.  Sorry Peter but you were always outside my taste range.

Ahh, but Davy and his little Davy dance… that’s my ‘tween years right there in a velvet shirt and a tassel necklace dancing his little Davy dance …. take a look …

Michael Nesmith was quite eloquent in his good-bye for now to Davy – all the lovely people


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