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Shadows of the night

I’m surprised by my reaction to this:

I’ve been looking forward to Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Yes, I was a teenage nerd – still am a teenage nerd although my outward appearance might lead you to believe I’m someone’s grandma (I’m not BTW).

While watching the trailer for the first time I was surprised and somewhat dismayed at the irreverent tone – the comedic veneer that Mr. Burton set on top of my teenage vampire story. The makeup on Barnabas is unreal, his hair absurd, the dialogue over the top …. and, and ……. and then it hit me, and I became dismayed at my own dismay. I started remembering my Dark Shadows as it truly was. It was loveable shlock. It was never great art in any sense. The effects were cheesy (the burning of Trask’s Worthington Hall consisted of a cardboard cutout and a couple of matches from what I remember). The writing, while engaging as a soap opera for teenagers at that time, was uhm, oh lets find a nice word for it … haphazard … sometimes it was inventive and even poetic but most of the time it was redundant and slow. The acting could be over the top melodramatic a la Lithgow’s Master Thespian one day and the next day you were watching actors stumble through their lines or try to ignore pieces of makeup latex that had come unglued and fluttered as they emoted.

BUT with all that said, I loved Dark Shadows. I ran home after school to watch it. I loved Quentin Collins and creepy old Barnabas. Burton must have loved it also ’cause from the above trailer you see detail that only someone who watched the show as a kid would pick up on. I can only imagine that all the little Twilight ‘tweeners in about 30 or 40 years (omg sob I am old) will be going through an experience similar to mine when Edward and Jacob are reincarnated in all their glittery and shirtless glory.

I remember running around trying to find the 45 to this – Quentin’s Theme:
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2 thoughts on “Shadows of the night

  1. Oh, my… memories, memories! Your post brought to mind a funny song that a friend and I made up about Dark Shadows. It had multiple verses, which I now don’t recall, but I do remember the first verse because we sang it all the time. Yeah, I loved that show…

    Barnabas Collins, The Vampire
    (sung to the tune of Barnacle Bill, The Sailor)

    He bites you swiftly in the neck,
    Barnabas Collins, the Vampire.
    So you’re anemic, what the heck,
    Barnabas Collins, the Vampire.

    His face is white, his hands are cold,
    He’s only 92 years old,
    So far I haven’t noticed mold
    On Barnabas Collins, the Vampire.

  2. amoonshadow on said:

    Thorn, you and I must be around the same age – we seem to have similar tastes and memories. BTW I kind of half remember the Rev. Trask subplot on this show and it had some Jane Eryean overtones – who am I kidding, they out and stole from Bronte …. Thanks for the song!

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