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Moon Rabbit

First read Thorn Harefoot’s blog entry here  CLICK

My imagination has been co-opted by Disney.  This is how I saw the Hare in the Moon before I saw Thorn’s drawing:

I’ve never heard of the Hare in the Moon.  I knew of the man in the moon but was surprised at the variations different cultures have about what they see up there: Moon images

I hold with the frottage ideas of Max Ernest (despicable womanizer tho’ he was) in seeing images in the tiles of the floor, or the stucco of the wall or the water droplets on the shower curtain.  But I also believe that possibly we carry ancestral memories and images with us somewhere in our DNA or collective consciousness or whatever you choose to call that which is outside of the corporal present – we just have to be open to seeing them.

As for the Easter Bunny and egg imagery – I thought they were both images of fertility that my Catholic Church usurped, as it did so many other things, from the religions of those they were trying convert …..


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One thought on “Moon Rabbit

  1. I really do think all that “rabbits/hares + eggs” stuff comes from ancient peoples having seen it in the lunar maria. I think the Moon is the obvious, simple source of it all. One of the Hindu epithets for the Moon is “shashankam”, meaning “hare-marked”, so they saw a Big Moon Rabbit, too.

    The Chinese hold that the Moon-Rabbit makes the Elixir of Life, as well as various kinds of medicine, and a lot of old Taoist formulae call for various medicaments to be formed into pills, so… that egg could also be one honkin’ big Cinnabar Immortality Pill. The oval object that looked like an egg to ancient European eyes looked like a gigantic magickal elixir-pill to the Chinese.

    Come to think of it, the Japanese have some stories about the Moon-Hare pounding mochi, and if you’ve ever seen mochi-balls in oriental food marts, the “egg” could also easily double for a ball of mochi. I think all of this lends credence to the idea that a lot of ancient peoples saw the Lunar Hare carrying something big and oval/rounded, so I don’t think I’m wildly out of the (mochi)ball-park visualising The Hare the way I do.

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