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Top ten reasons I don’t exercise

10. Don’t want to disturb the cat

9. Still searching for the one exercise that will rule them all …. The one that will make me instantly healthy and will only have to be performed once.
8. Exercise takes commitment – I don’t commit to anything very well (as an example, I refer you to my consistency posting on this blog).
7. Exercise is painful – look at the face of any athlete while athleticising – I don’t see any smiles – I see faces twisted in pain even after they stop.
6. I don’t look good in shorts, tank tops, stretchy pants and/or sweats.
5. Cannot drink coffee comfortably (without dribbles and splashes) while performing any sort of athletic endeavor.
4. Too hot/cold to go outside. Where I live there are a total of maybe 9 days out the year when the the weather is suitable for outdoor activity. It is usually too hot (hello 102 degrees in May) or too cold.
3. Trying to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming as wide as I am tall …
2. Exercise is built on repetition. Repetition is boring. Exercise is therefore B O R I N G.
And the number one reason I don’t exercise ….
1. Don’t want to.

Unfortunately medical study after medical study concludes every problem a human being can develop from toothache to gout, from hearing loss to dry skin, from poor social skills to the hiccups, can all be allegedly cured or made better by regular exercise. I blame the media for making these studies widely available for all to read. Of course all who do read these “stories” fix their beady eyes on my sallow skin and flex their muscled arms as they point in my rotund direction, and ask “why don’t you exercise?”


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