A MoonShadow MoonShadow

The moon’s shadow…

This blog and my Etsy store carry the name AMoonShadow not just because I like Cat Steven’s song but because I am a follower of the moon’s shadow.  During a solar eclipse, be it partial, annular and/or total –   “The Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun and a shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth’s surface. This is an eclipse of the Sun, or a solar eclipse.”   I have travelled to view 5 total eclipses and two annular eclipses.  The path of an annular eclipse crosses Arizona today on its way east.  For financial and personal reasons I didn’t travel north to see the full annular eclipse.  Here it will be at about 80% – more of a croissant of an eclipse.   I had not bothered to go out and get glasses ’cause – hey, I’ve got plenty!  By the way, you do not look at the sun under any circumstances (except during totality).  Imagine my chagrin when I could not find one pair of eclipse viewing glasses today to watch the eclipse visible here around sunset.  I was ticked to put it mildly.  I spent the majority of the day cursing my lack of organization and going through souvenirs of past trips – which included samples of unused toilet paper from Bolivia (you don’t want to know) and postcards from the Louvre, until finally I came across a pair – an unused pair even in a bag from the British tour company we used to get to Mongolia.  God bless the British and their meticulous ways.  They packed an extra pair of glasses with the invoice they sent for the trip in a safe little plastic bag (luckily I kept the invoice – heck I keep toilet paper, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I kept the invoice).  Now properly armed with my viewing apparel, I can take a peek at the sun.  I don’t expect much down here.  I don’t think it will really be an ooh and aahh moment but I’m going to try to view at a location where the bats fly out at sunset  – so if the eclipse doesn’t impress maybe the bats will.  I’ll update, maybe with photos, later on.


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