A MoonShadow MoonShadow

… and then I went all Lady MacBeth on the pigeons’ nest …

The parable of the pigeons continues…..

My dad is 82 and has worked since he was seven or eight (there were no child labor laws back then in Argentina).  Upon our immigrating to the United States, he worked as a housepainter until he retired about 3 years ago.  He explained to me how he would take handles and locks off in order to properly stain or paint doors and then reassemble them.  My dad said that in all his sixty some years of taking apart and fixing door locks he’d never seen one break like mine had broken.  It was not an easy fix.  We couldn’t get the bolt out.  While he worked on disassembly, the four pigeons watched from the roof of my neighbor’s house smirking and chuckling into their wings.  It took well over an hour, a trip to the hardware store, by brother being called in to sit with my mom, a crowbar, jeweler’s pliers and a carajo or two but the locks got replaced.  

After I thanked my father profusely, he  went on back home and I? Well, I turned my cold eye to the empty pigeon nest.  I dragged out the ladder, bleach, Clorox wipes, rubber gloves and the hose and began to work.  Lord, they had gotten twigs and things into the block wall and not just any twigs – oh no, they used bougainvillea twigs – spiky bougainvillea twigs.  I carefully pulled out the pieces of the nest and started spraying and wiping and not breathing too deeply or swallowing out of sheer disgust.  It was everywhere.  Out, out damn pigeon poop…. I got the hose and sprayed everything down, the top of the post, the walls, the garage door, the floor and then swept and swept and bleached… out, out damn poop, carajo!  I wedged a large cat litter container into the spot where the nest had been to discourage re-colonization.  Everything was clean.  The pigeons were nowhere to be seen.

I treated myself to a movie – The Three Stooges. I have been a Three Stooges fan and in particular a Curly Howard fan since childhood.  The movie was uneven but pleasant enough.  It got a few chuckles out of me and many smiles. Will Sasso was impressive channelling the essence of Curly (don’t you roll you’re eyes at me RLL).  I think the movie would have benefited perhaps from being presented in sepia or black and white or even a less vivid color.  I waited for the pie fight and/or seltzer water exchanges that never happened.  Perhaps those are being saved for the sequel which more than likely I would go see.  I would not pay full price to see the movie but I would go see it.  Whoops, I digress….

When I got back home, guess what I found – the kid pigeons hanging out in the rafters of my carport.  I did a little half-hearted shooing with the broom but when I saw how poorly one of them flew, I let them be.  The one that I scared from the beam flew down to the ground and kind of stayed there which worried me – he would really be food for the ferals if he stayed on the ground through the night.  Eventually he flew, very poorly, to the chainlink fence and has been balancing there all night.  His/her sibling is on the post – he/she is an even less proficient flyer.  I’m worried about the fence sitter.  Thought about just going out there and moving him back to the rafter but that would probably terrify him… and me.

We are making progress. I give it a few more days for the kids to get their wings and tails under control and then be rid of them. I may have to buy an owl….


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