A MoonShadow MoonShadow

Sleepy kitty

It’s almost midnight and I have a most uncomfortable night of contorted sleeping ahead of me. I’m spending the night in the hospital with my mom. She is fine and sleeping soundly. I’m trying to find some way of sleeping in the chair in her room which is more or less a glorified fancy office chair, the hard wire mesh ones not the soft cushy ones. It’s really not bad as a chair, I’m just not sure it would be my first choice for sleeping. We’ve been here since about 11 am. The nursing staff is wonderful and friendly. They do the most disgusting things with kindness and care….. Umm…. They just announced a Code Blue in a another unit. Puts things in perspective. This chair suits me just fine, happy to be in it. Getting sleepy. The old Slavic genes will suit me well tonight. I can usually sleep anywhere at anytime. I always say its the Slavic part of my genetic make which allowed my forefathers and foremothers to hunker down during the cold winter months sleeping to preserve warmth and conserve energy.

My leg has beaten me to it. It’s now asleep before me. I think I’ll join it. Goodnight.


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