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I had a lot of down time last week with my mom at the hospital. Armed with several books and my trusty iPad, I spent four nights and good chunks of five days there (the rest of the family took turns staying with her so she was never alone at the hospital).  Random thoughts and weird ideas float through your head while you are trudging behind a gurney on the way to a CAT scan or MRI or all the other tests they put my poor mom through.  Things like ….

  • Greg, Anthony, Jeff …. What is the name of the fourth Wiggle? 
  • Human bodies can never be replaced completely.  Placing human intelligence into synthetic bodies will not work.  The intelligence would cease to be human.  A biological component to our existence will always need to be present for us to continue to grow.  As sad and disgusting as the biological breakdown of our bodies can be, the organic compenent of our being is necessary.  I think a cyborg type being would be a reasonable way to compensate for our physical frailties, replacing pieces as they fail, much like you do with an old car.
  • I really must repaint my bedroom.  The green I used in there is almost identical to the hospital green.
  • They really spend a lot of time cleaning and waxing floors around here (which in retrospect I suppose is a good thing for a hospital).
  • Nurses, good nurses, like we have helping my mom can never be paid enough for what they do.  Helping change soiled items again and again for someone to whom you have no emotional attachment with no hint of disgust or exasperation borders on the saintly.  The nurses cared enough to go above what they were expected to do for the sake of someone else’s comfort and benefit.  Maria in particular who spoke English and Spanish and had boundless energy to help and laugh and come up with solutions and Joanne who took time to talk and explain what was going on.  I wish there was someway to properly express our gratitude for all their help.  Cookies and flowers doesn’t seem sufficient.
  • Cabbage rolls , tangy spinach and green rice should never be seen together on any menu.
  • In the Percy Jackson series, I find it difficult to accept science and myth easily coexisting.  I  understand Riordan’s explanation, i.e. the sun is a star and it rises in the morning due to the earths rotation and Apollo is the personification of that fact.  Old gods, titans, Olympian gods as explanation for natural occurences along with modern knowledge and then you throw in Christmas?  It leaves too many holes and questions for me. I didn’t have this problem with the Harry Potter universe.  Although I did wonder about their Christmas and what role religion played in their existence.  I know, I am losing my imagination. I eventually was able to suspend my disbelief by not looking to closely at the facts. Much like you have to do with any religion I suppose. Faith and belief do not involve the empirical process. All in all, I thank Percy Jackson.  Not a bad little series that got me through the hospital stay.  I’m going to go get book four.
  • Laughter, gratitude and kindness will get you through anything.   I do believe my mom has a guardian angel watching over her.  Too many coincidences and serindipitous incidents to be mere chance.
  • Thak you to my brother and to Mrs. Wollowitz for being behind the curtain in the next bed.  Mrs. W provided us with some unintentional laughter and I’m glad you are okay and home now.

My mom is home.  She is okay but not great. Hospital stays are the worst thing you can do to an elderly person.


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