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A day in the life….

A day in my life about ten years ago went something like this:
  •  Get up around 10 a.m. (sometimes as late as 11:30).
  •  Have a 2 to 4 cups of black coffee with toast
  •  Shower, get dressed, go to work.
  •  Take my lunch hour at 4:00 and come home and watch Jeopardy while I ate whatever.
  •  Back to work until 9 p.m.
  •  Home, eat fast food, stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning watching reruns of the Rockford Files, Newhart or whatever else was on while working on craft projects or planning my next trip.
  • Repeat.
This is my life now (using yesterday as an example):
  •  Get up around 6:30, shower, go over to my folks house to wait for the kids.
  •  Talk to my dad, get his report on how things are going with my mom
  •  Sister drops off kids, chat a bit, exchange info, she goes off to work.
  •  Make kids brekkies – eggs for one, oatmeal for the other – milk, bagels, peaches, blueberries all around.
  •  Get them set up watching PBS kids (God bless PBS kids) and playing with their abuelo (grandpop in Spanish) while I check on my mom (it’s now about 8:15 a.m.)
  •  Get my mom up, toileted, bathed, clothes changed and she joins the rest of us in the living room
  •  Make my mom her breakfast while chatting with kids about Greek gods and Alice in Wonderland puzzles that need to be made (Dad has started laundry and is watering the plants – yesterday he did a massive tree trimming project).
  •  Get my mom set with her breakfast, Dad watches kids while I run to the YMCA to get the little one’s swim class set up (confer with sister on phone as to best option).
  •  Get back home and finally get a cup of coffee and a sit outside for a few minutes to drink (feed the birds most of my English muffin – I don’t really like English muffins why do I keep buying them… ). Its now about 9:30ish.
  •  Dad is cooking in the kitchen.  Mom has finished picking at her breakfast and is watching t.v. and dozing
  •  Get the kids dressed, and into the car and we take off for the local park – the one with all the great water sprinklers.  Have fun, get wet, discover all the ground rodents (not sure what they are) burrowing all around the park. Send a picture to my sister so she knows what we’re up to.
  •  After an hour or so (its over a hundred degrees – don’t want to fry the kids) we go home.
  •  Its around 11:30 a.m. – I set each kid up on an old computer (no internet connection) and have one work on his writing organization skills (instructions for playing Skylander is his chosen subject) and the little one practices writing her name and copying letters from a book, while I make my famous tortellini salad.
And the day goes on from there, taking care of my mama, and the kids until my sister comes to get them around 2, chatting and its time for me to go to work.  The day doesn’t end there but I’ll spare you all the rest of the details (since I’m sure the one or two of you who read the blog will have given up way up there around the PBS kids reference.  Granted, yesterday had a bit more action than usual but no two days are alike.
I only have the kids for two months this summer before they go back to school and my little niece starts going to school everyday (kindergarten).  I’m certain I will probably go through a version of empty nest syndrome at the beginning of August.
There has been a lifestyle change, no?  It’s been gradual and actually it has been good.
I’ve always told myself that I am living my life backwards – much like Merlin.  I’ve gone through the retirement years and I’m working my way forward or is that backward –  who knows what’s next?

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