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I’m not a Slytherin …..

Well, I finally took a little time and visited Pottermore.  To be honest, I was not overly impressed by the interactive quality of the first few chapters.  I experienced first hand what Thorn has been posting about – the load time is slow even on a fast internet connection (I’m at work … don’t judge me and please don’t say anything).  It was not as slow as Ms. Harefoot’s dial-up but still not the quality that I expect from any online game.  The movement through the chapter graphics should have been zippy but instead was a bit sluggish.  At one point, I even gave up on JK’s video message – it just wouldn’t load.  The speed seems to be a bit better now that I’ve received my wand and have been sorted.

I was chosen by a 10 inch Elm wand with a Phoenix feather core – flexibility, unyielding.   What House was I sorted into you ask?  Well, I was 100% truthful in my answers to the Sorting Hat.  I was tempted to slant my answers to land in Slytherin, but I didn’t – which shows you right there that  I’m not really Slytherin material.   I came up a Ravenclaw.  The House description actually really fits my personality – or what I would like people to think is my personality.  Deep down inside I’m probably a Hufflepuff  pretending to be intellectually inquisitive just to be nice and make people happy.

My advice to any new Pottermore students is to plow through the slow bits at the very beginning.  It gets better as you go along and the background information that Rowling provides is quite interesting.  I’ve found the short essays about why wizards and witches dress the way they do informative and was quite spellbound (ha, sorry) by the story of Minerva’s parents and her early life.

I’m waiting to see if some of the questions that I’ve had since the very beginning of the books are addressed — Why do the wizards and witches celebrate Christmas?  Are there Christian witches and Muslim witches and Hindu witches and Jewish witches? What about wizards and witches outside of the European sphere of influence – what traditions do they hold? Are they tied to the  European wizarding world or are say, Australian or South American wizards, a world onto themselves?  When Voldemort was threatening, was it just England/Europe he was threatening – or the whole wizarding world?  And if so, why weren’t they doing their bit to stop old Voldy? Do I need to get a life and think about more important things?  Nah…..

As for Pottermore, I got as far as trying to brew a potion  (which blew up – the cauldron was too hot) when I decided perhaps I’d best go on to other more Muggle-related tasks.  I’ll have to see how the site fairs on my home computer.

I’m not sure how the friending thing works on Pottermore or what purpose it has, but I’m LumosMoon4165.  They provided me with that name which I thought was oddly fitting for AMoonShadow, que no?


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One thought on “I’m not a Slytherin …..

  1. Sorry it took me a bit to approve your comment on the Potter stuff– I only just got back today from a very enjoyable astronomy-jaunt to the back country.

    I think the naming thing at Pottermore is a bit eerie– the first name I was offered in my list was ThornAvis9209, which I immediately accepted. I do think your LumosMoon moniker does fit you nicely, too.

    As for Pottermore, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that the only way I’ll get through the chapters is to use a lunch hour at work and go for broke on a public internet terminal. It’s still sluggish, but at least most of the stuff loads…

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