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Baseball and Quantum Mechanics

This baseball season I have been performing an experiment.

Background:  The Orioles are my team of choice, the choice having been made so much easier by Cal Ripken’s baby blues, his talent, stellar work ethic and well just his ethics in general – I fell for Cal and then became an Orioles fan. For many years, a friend of mine (he came to his Oriole fan status honestly, i.e., he was born in Maryland) complained that any time I started watching an Orioles game, the Orioles would begin a downward descent and even tho’ they had been ahead, boom – they would lose.  I began to believe it. I’m gullible.  Plus, I too noticed when I was watching games by myself that the Orioles lost more often than not.  Now yes, I hear you, the Orioles have stunk up the joint all on their own for quite a few years … many, many years to be honest, and more than likely it had nothing at all to do with me watching their games or keeping track of their stats …. but what if…..

This season, I decided to apply quantum theory to my baseball viewing. To be clear, I don’t understand quantum physics, quantum mechanics, and just physics on any level other than a layman’s type understanding – a purple crayon on white paper type understanding if you will. I know enough to have heard of the uncertainty principle and/or the observer effect (I confuse the two) – the act of observation will alter the particle being observed. (here are some links –

Yes, technically, this theory applies to teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy little particles and not grown men in caps and cleats, but I was desperately tired of watching the O’s lose. And so, I stopped observing.  I stopped watching the Orioles’ games, stopped reading baseball news, stopped visiting MLB websites, don’t even know who is on the team this year. The only information I have gotten about how the team is doing is by occasionally hearing from co-workers who’ll come up and say, hey, how about those O’s, huh? To which I will then allow myself a bit of second hand or third hand information.

You think me mad? Yeah, I probably am.  But if the Orioles end up with a winning season (which was really all I ever wanted from them) for the first time in god only knows how many years, can I then declare this experiment a success? And more importantly, when can I start watching again – because it is kind of a bummer to think that they maybe are doing well and I have not gotten to enjoy one bit of it.

Here are some gratuitous links just that blow my teeny brain –




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