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I’ve got rabbit ears!

Not fancy rabbit ears like my blogging friend Thorn Harefoot unfortunately. But these little aluminum bunny ears are going to help save me money. We are in survival mode around here since my hours were cut down to 20. But in a way it’s been a good eye opening experience (altho I would gladly close my eyes and get back the hours that were cut). Anyway, back to the rabbit ears – see them perched temporarily on an empty bottle of Hobgoblin? My dad found the antenna tucked away in my his garage. They may be low tech but I can pick up most of the local channels including 5 PBS stations. I cut the cable strings officially tomorrow! I am keeping the Internet connection and using the iPad, Hulu and apps to get the programs I want to watch – Daily Show, Top Chef, etc.
I think they are kind of retro chic. Make me want to put on a flowery apron, my old cat eye glasses and have a martini…



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2 thoughts on “I’ve got rabbit ears!

  1. Love them!!! I fondly remember wiggling around at least 3 different sets on our old family TVs back in the day, trying to find that elusive “best reception position”. They actually did work pretty well, too. Sorry to hear about your hours-reduction, though…

  2. amoonshadow on said:

    Thorn! I’ve been worried about you (I worry about every one tho’ – its genetic). The hours cut could have been worse. It’s making me think a little more creatively. Hope all is well with you.

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