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For obvious reasons, I started working on my resumé. Well, it may not be obvious to all, but let’s just say that after 24 years working at one place, it unfortunately has become necessary. (Hours were cut to part-time making life very uncomfortable – I’m not blaming my employer – they are doing the best they can … I think …). Anyway, best to be prepared for the worst. I started trying to reconstruct my employment life and, dang, prior to this 24 year stint, I had a lot of varied employment – fast food, retail, gift wrapping, jewelry sales, academia, tour guide, library assistant, clerical work for charitable organizations, secretary, etc. I’d forgotten about some of these employers until I started trying to piece my pre-24 year jobs together. Now I have to put dates to all these. Let me just add I was only terminated once in my whole work life. I was let go after 3 hours at an office where the phones never rang but once, by a nervous attorney who decided to bring his wife in until things picked up. He said he’d call me when things got better. Still waiting for Harold’s call…..
One gets into a comfortable position sometimes and forgets about what one is capable of (besides ending sentences in prepositions and using “one” too much). Changes are afoot!
Oh and the rabbit ears are still working great in case you’re wondering …


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