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Slightly creeped out …

My mom is in at-home hospice care. She has dementia and is bedridden. My dad, who has proven to me that he is a true gem of a human being (although really I already knew that) is there 24/7 with her. I come in at least three times a day and provide personal care, change, feed, etc. We talk. She knows us all still and I try to make chit chatty conversation, i.e., did you eat, how are you feeling, and joke around a bit (all in Spanish of course – we are Argentine/Uruguayan). I talk a lot, she mainly listens. Tonight, as I was exercising her knee a bit she said “tene quidando llendo a tu casa” (be careful going home). I asked her why. She is sometimes hard to understand but she clearly responded, “por que te sigue.” (Because [it/he/she] follows you). I asked her who or what she thought was following me but at that point she lost what she was saying, something that sometimes happens in mid word to her. I imagine how frightening that must be to be lost inside yourself and not be able to express it.
So, since I was left with the warning, and already leaning strongly to the paranoid, I made sure no one followed me home. As for some “thing” following me, eh…. that’s where I get a little creeped out ……


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