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I had an NPR moment many years ago while driving. Chandler Burr was interviewed. He spoke of scents, organic and synthetic, and gave a list of scents he thought were among the best at the moment. Don’t know why that struck such a chord in me, but it did and I went on an olfactory quest. I couldn’t afford to purchase these perfumes. So instead I made my way to fancy stores and overcame my fear of overly made up women in white tunics, and tried some of the perfumes. Others I sent away for, diminutive vials came in the mail. I found my sense of smell did not agree with all of Mr. Burr’s suggestions but … Light Blue … by Dolce Gabbana … oh my … it made happy, it made me smile. I carried a little sample card of Light Blue in my purse for a month and the occasional whiff that drifted out had the same effect of hearing a favorite song. I splurged and got some. I was happy. I still wish I could afford to purchase some of these other scents. But I can always stroll and spritz my way through cosmetic counters. Sorry, I digressed and rambled, but there is a point. I learned quite a bit about perfumes and how they are described, constructed, designed – it is very much an art form with a rich history. My nose is not refined, it is rather untutored when it comes to the more esoteric scents. I truly wish I could attend the exhibit that Chandler Burr has presently at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. Click on the link for a description.

Chandler Burr Museum of Art and Design Exhibit

And here is a review of the exhibit from the Mad Perfumista who is obviously very knowledgable on the subject. I just wonder if he took the art metaphor of the exhibit a bit too far. Don’t know. I have a novice nose and I’ve not been to the exhibit, so I really can’t offer an opinion. Click below to read his review.

MadPerfumista Review of Burr Exhibit

Perhaps the show will travel. Oh and Oliver Cresp is the creator of my scent of choice and other perfumes I’ve purchased not knowing he was the nose behind them so to speak …

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