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I am shallow…

…. and because I am shallow I read “Beautiful Creatures.” Shall I explain? I saw Jeremy Irons present a Golden Globe award. He looked mighty fine in his long coat. I have come to realize that I seem to have a weakness for slightly older British gentlemen. Anyway, because he looked good, I IMDB’d him to see what he was up to. I have long thought that Mr. Irons would be absolutely perfect to play Boris Karloff should anyone care to make a film about Boris Karloff. Karloff was a nice quiet gent, probably not enough drama in his life to entice anyone to do a bio. …. But I digress …. When I checked out the IMDB page for Jeremy Irons, I saw he was portraying Macon Ravenwood in the film version of Beautiful Creatures. And again, because I am shallow, the character poster for Mr. Ravenwood convinced me that perhaps I should check out the book. And so I did. And I can honestly say I loved the character of Macon Ravenwood and Amma and Marian the Librarian … I guess there is also some kind of story there about teenage angst and love and secrets and magic and such but I lost interest in the teen love story and was more interested in the world the writers created to set the story. The background story and flashbacks reminded me of Dark Shadows (the tv series not Tim Burton’s movie) and I plodded through the kids’ story to learn more about the casters. I know, the book is not written for my age group but unlike the Potter series and also to a lesser extent the Percy Jackson series, it did not leave me wanting to run out and pick up the next book in the series.

As for the movie, ehhh…. it looks like they made changes that in my opinion weaken the story. The movie gets rid of the librarian character, makes the Amma character younger and incorporates the librarians character into Amma. Now, I understand Viola Davis’ liking the changes to the character but I’m not sure it serves the story. Amma was the chrone of the story – the old one with the ancient knowledge that took care of the boy. Funny enough, I never read her as a maid in the book. I saw her more of the caretaker of Ethan’s spirit while the librarian was the caretaker of his intellect. Both women, friends of Ethan’s mom, took on aspects of his deceased mom and served as guides for him. I did like the importance that books, history and family played throughout the book – I’m hoping those sentiments are kept in the film. I haven’t seen the film so I’ll have to reserve judgment on whether the changes works.
What I don’t like is the look of the film – the trailer makes it look like a segment of “Pretty Little Liars” (I’ve only seen the trailers for that show as well – again I’m not their target audience). I envisioned more of a shabby chic rather than a glammy goth look to the settings and costuming. And they’ve altered the appearances of the characters… And, well, you know what … It doesn’t matter … The books apparently don’t have a very active fan base ’cause I haven’t seen much protesting about the changes…. Bottom line, Jeremy Irons looks good and Macon Ravenwood’s character for me was the best thing in the book … We’ll have to see how the movie fares ….


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