A MoonShadow MoonShadow


We are 8 views away from hitting 30,000 views on this blog! That is really small potatoes for most blogs, especially when you factor in that that is over a period 5 years! But still, a milestone.  Thanks for visiting you 30,000 viewers of posts that I’ve managed to scrawl.  Most of you were looking for Pee Wee Herman and Snakes and Queen Mab and Alan Rickman while others of you, my lord, the things you search for … tsk, tsk, tsk.

I’ll be updating more regularly soon.  The real world and real people are my top priority right now but I will attempt from now on to post at least once every six months ….. maybe once every three months if I’m feeling chatty …. okay, once a month (more or less… I’ll have to research the legal definition of “month.”).

I should do a something special for 30,000 shouldn’t I?  Okay.  I promise once we hit 30,000 to have uh …. something special …. I’ll figure out what it is and let you know.


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