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Netflix, meh…

So far I’m not impressed. I signed up for it last night and so far have only watched one show – a British documentary on the making of the animated film of Graham Chapman’s autobiography. I went on an mini-Elementary binge via the CBS App and watched the 4 full episodes they had over there. I did a prelim google search and thought that Netflix carried the rest of the shows (I wasn’t thinking straight – why would CBS release the shows season for streaming when they want to sell The DVDs that are about to hit the stores). Obviously they didn’t. I started searching for other things I would like to watch. Here is a partial list of movies and shows NOT available for streaming (some were available thru the mail on DVDs for another $8 fee!):

Big Bang Theory (will I ever see season 5?????)
Despicable Me
Iron Man
Avengers (the 2012 movie)
West Side Story
Anna and the King of Siam
Truly, Madly, Deeply
The King and I
Oklahoma Crude
Singing in the Rain
Sense and Sensibility
Chinese Take-away
Man Facing Southeast

No Downey Sherlock Holmes (altho they did have Scott’s They Might Be Giants), no Downey films worth watching except for Heart and Souls), five Viggo Mortensen films I had ever heard of and I am a fan, and really all in all kind of a let down. They did have a few Alan Rickman titles but uh not his best work by a long shot. I was hoping for Perfume and will have to settle for Bottle Shock… Perhaps my tastes are different than most, perhaps I was expecting too much. I may keep the service to watch the old Brit series and the Xfiles. Guess I’ll try Hulu next. I’ve read that ones best bet is to use both services. We will see …
I guess I’ll have to buy the Elementary DVDs to catch up on what I missed.


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