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I’ve been slacking, I know.  I hardly write here anymore.  I’ve had a piece written in my head since my December trip to NYC.  The post has become moldy and stale but I will trim away the bad bits and let whoever happens to wander through here decide what’s ingestible.

I love NYC because its inhabitants all look like they’ve got a great story to tell.  No one is trying to blend, to pass for normal – everyone, at least to me, stands out as a character to be discovered.  Just walking the streets, riding the bus, sitting in a Starbucks even is entertaining.

I went to NYC the first week in December, way before the polar vortex tumbled south and froze the city.  The weather was grey, wet and for someone who comes from the desert, supremely enjoyable.  Central Park took on a romantic gothic atmosphere – I took photos of the orange leaves, stones dark and shiny from the rain, black railings dripping raindrops, it was all fodder for an over productive imagination.

central park 2013 gothic rails and rain NYC lights

Manhattan was dressed for Christmas, lights sparkled everywhere.   I walked up and down the streets in the rain with silly grin on my face.

The Met Museum was my home during the three days I was there and at night, the theater – the real reason for my journey.  I traveled to see Sir Ian and Sir Pat in No Man’s Land.  Unfortunately for me that is exactly what I did – I saw them, I did not hear them.  A combination of my abominable hearing and my location in the theater (in the back, under a balcony) left my watching body language and guessing at what was transpiring on stage.  Still it was a wonderful experience – Sir Ian acts with his whole body – I gleaned more about his character from his movements and reactions than I probably would have, had I heard the play.

The next night I went to see Twelfth Night – Stephen Fry portrayed Malvolio! He was magnificent BUT I found the whole play, the staging, the costuming, the music, the actors to be  absolutely perfect.  I heard almost all the dialogue and understood – for a Shakespearian play that is no small accomplishment. Twelfth Night is one of my favorites.  The play was performed as it would have been at the time of its initial production.  All the parts were played by men.  The lead part in the play is a girl pretending to be her brother.  The actor who played the girl pretending to be the boy (are you with me still) was brilliant.  The way he carried his body, the stances he took let you know that he was a girl pretending to be a boy.  And Mark Rylance! as Olivia was hysterically funny.  I laughed more at this production than I’ve ever before.  Rylance and Fry were wonderful to watch.  All the supporting characters where spot on. Oh, sorry, I’m getting carried away – but really the whole piece was so well done.


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