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Guess who…

Guess who is portraying Ronald Reagan … slightly disturbing  … never was a big fan of RR – click on the photo to get the story and for more photos.


“Seminar” a very subjective non-review

Seminar, a play by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Sam Gold and starring Alan Rickman, Hamish Linklater, Lily Rabe, Jerry O’Connell,  and Hettienne Park currently at the Golden Theater, in New York City.
I’m going to start by being honest.  This is why I went to see the play:  
Meeting Alan Rickman.  Yes, immensely shallow of me, a stage degree-toting and supposed aficionado of the “theatre,” but that is the truth.  I had built the experience up in my head into this sparkling and witty exchange between myself and Alan and the rest of the cast and instead, I just thrust out my program, and said nothing other than a quiet thank you.  Mercifully someone behind me, engaged Mr. Rickman in chitchat about Snow Cake so I got to hear his voice up close and personal, which was the second reason I went to New York.  He is soft spoken and came across to me to be at least as shy as I am … but that voice!   Sound and voice have become very important to me as of late.  I now wear two hearing aids and have come to realize how subjective sound truly is.  Which brings me to a rather sad truth about my experience at Seminar – I missed about a third of what was being said — not through any fault of the performers and I don’t think it was the acoustics in the theater, I think it was a combination of where I was sitting and the performance of the hearing aids at this particular event.  It was most frustrating to have everyone around me laughing and not having a clue as to what had just been said.
The performances were of course excellent as one expects at this level of professional theater.  Alan Rickman’s performance was wonderful and his voice carried strong and clear and I didn’t miss hardly a word he said (fortunately for me his voice falls in the range I can hear quite well).  Unfortunately for me, Ms. Rabe’s voice is in that tonal range that I have lost and I missed a lot of her lines which from the reaction in the theater were some of the funniest.  But the performance and the character that surprised me the most was that of Hamish Linklater.  His performance had a depth that kept up with Mr. Rickman’s, particularly in the second act.
As for the play, well, I should probably give it another viewing before I pass judgment, but what the hell, I’ll pass judgment anyway. The play really comes into its own in the second act.  When the setting changes to Leonard’s apartment, the tone of the play changes and we get beyond the witty veneer of pseudo-critique that goes on in Kate’s apartment which is all style but not much soul.  The set for Leonard’s apartment made me want to crawl on stage and explore the books, knickknacks and papers, snuggle into a corner and read. It personified the more complex internal life of the writer (BTW my BFA is in set design, I leave theaters humming the scenery). In Leonard’s apartment we come to know the reality of Leonard’s life and of Martin’s and of all writers/artists — being an artist is more than just producing the work by yourself in a small room, its having the confidence to then put that work out into the cold, harsh world and enduring all the gyrations and politics that come along with that.  Easy to say, but hard to do. This is the point in the play where Alan Rickman, as an actor, bites into the character and show us who he is, where he’s been and what has shaped him.  We forget its “Rickman, the Actor,” and feel for Leonard, the artist and man and how he is coping with his life.  Talent and technique – the two “t’s” of acting.  This act is also where Linklater shines as the personification of young, insecure talent.
To be honest, I still don’t know what it was that got Kate into Leonard’s bed (I told you not to read until you saw the play, now you’ve ruined it for yourself).  Granted, all Leonard would have to say is “hello” to get me – heck, who am I kidding, he could say “get the hell out of my face” and I would follow him anywhere… but again I digress into my own little fantasy world.  I still don’t understand how or why Kate’s mind was changed about a man she considered loutish at best.  Both Kate and Izzy sleep with Leonard (not that I blame them), leaving me with the impression that Ms. Rebeck believes female writers must use sex to get their work recognized. Is that what women have to do in this day and age to get their work out there?  It would have been an interesting, albeit a different play, if the Martin character was female.  Would the quality of her writing have been sufficient to entice Leonard to help “Martine” without the sexual undertones?  Like I said, I missed a good bit of what went on so I may be way off the mark here.  Bottom line is I’m going to have to see this play again (I’m collecting funds to travel back NYC – feel free to contribute) or get a copy of the play once it is available (probably the more sensible thing to do).
Here are a few more snaps.  I got the one of Jim Belushi by mistake.  Just as I was about to take AR’s photo, someone said “Great show tonight” and he turned to shake hands and I got this:
Seminar 12/8/11

Rickman and Belushi 12/8/11 Seminar

BTW – I did exchange a few words other than thank you with teh man.  When he had finished, and people were beginning to disperse, he asked “did I get everyone” – which was, I thought, very kind of him, and I piped up “I think so, but you can sign mine again, if you’d like “ which was met with a smile and a “no that’s alright” as he ran for his car… Okay – so it wasn’t witty repartee but I did manage to say something rather than standing and grunting.  I consider that an accomplishment. 

Hamish Linklater 12/8/11 Seminar

Jerry O'Connell!

Alan Rickman 12/8/11 Signing

free shipping but only for today

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A New Image

Oh not for me – I’m always the same except for my weight and hair color – as the weight increases the hair color gets more dramatic – that way you’re looking at my hair and not the extra chin I’ve acquired.

I meant I created a new image which is now is available at my shop!  Take a look – its available as a bookmark, card, portrait and soon as an ACEO and pendant.  Use the image to take you to the shop:


I don’t understand tumblr

Perhaps because I’m old. This gif was created my obsessedfool. She or he has specific guidelines about reposting and reblogging images from his or her site. I’m not really sure what the dif is but I suspect one or the other is using the image without giving credit. I believe in giving credit to the artist always. Here is an image she created and they’re great. Visit her site by clicking on the image for loads more:

They say the lights are bright

Where? On Broadway of course. Here is a small article about Alan Rickman and Dan Radcliffe’s recent visit to Seminar. Note the last sentence of the article. I sometimes get the sense that there may be more Snape in Rickman than he’d like to admit.
Clck here: Seminar

Look …. at …. me ….

Time for more shameless self promotion…..

Snape utters those last three words to Harry “Look … at … me” unmasking who he really is and has been all these many years, while remembering Lilly one last time through Harry’s eyes. Yes, I know, way too much thought process behind this one – but it is one of my favorte lines from Deathly Hallows. This pendant is inspired by the Potions Master final act of courage.

I have taken a digital image of Snape, cropped and digitally reworked it to produce the image used in the pendant. I then placed it under a glass cabochon and onto a vintage looking copper pendant tray. The pendant measures 1 inch around and comes with a 24 inch matching chain. Please note, the pendant is not waterproof so please make sure that when you start sobbing uncontrollably during the scene in the book or the movie, the pendant is safely out of the way of your tears.
Here’s the link to my shop:  AMoonShadow – lots of other Harry Potter inspired items there….

I thought long and  hard about using Alan Rickman’s face on this.  His image is not mine to use (oh that it were) but because I manipulated the image, cropping it and filtering it through Photoshop, I decided that tho’ it is based on Mr. Rickman’s face, it is now something apart from the original and hence original.  If he’d tell me otherwise, I’d be glad to remove the…  oh, it would be so worth removing the pendant just to get a call from the voice …”Remove that this instant.”  Okay, back to earth….


I ‘m considering joining one of those November write something every day commitments… I’m not good with commitments tho…. we’ll see what happens….

Always Ring

“After all this time? … Always… ” Snape, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Snape’s devotion and loyalty are the inspiration for this ring with the word “Always” emblazoned in the light green color of Lily’s eyes over the black buttoned sleeve of Prof. Snape.

I’ve taken part of my print (see item below) and placed it under a glass dome in this antiqued metal adjustable ring. The filigree ring has a vintage looking bronze finish with a 20mm glass cabochon over the image. Please note, the ring is not totally waterproof so please make sure to take it off before sobbing uncontrollably during “that” scene in the movie and/or washing your hands.

Go over to my Etsy store and take a look – and feel free to buy!  I have to pay for those Seminar tickets (new play on Broadway, with Alan Rickman, Jerry O’Connell, Hamish Linklater – starts previews at the end of October… )

Oh, and please excuse the B&W drama shot – I was feeling rather sad for Severus when I took that one 😦

Hogwarts, a Pendant

Your supposed to read that pretty much the same way Hermione says “Hogwarts, a History.”  (See image below).  Click on the image and it should take you to the Etsy shop.  I’m finding it very difficult to photograph glass and metal and get a nice clear photo.  Too many reflections.  But if you look at all five images it should give you a pretty good idea of what the pendant looks like.  (There’s also quite a bit of Snape inspired items at the shop… go take a look)

I purchased my tickets to see Seminar on Broadway in a few months starring Alan Rickman (and as an added bonus Jerry O’Connell and Hamish Linklater are also in the cast). I need to sell about 85 of these pendants to pay for the trip to NYC so … go buy!  I’ll make more!!

The Bravest Man…

Its shameless self-promotion time!  Something I haven’t done in a while (well at least here on zeee blog).  In honor of the last of the Harry Potter movies, I have a new item over at the Etsy store.  Take a gander (oh, and there are spoilers below so if you haven’t read the last two books, don’t go down there!):

“After all this time? … Always… ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  This ring honors the devotion and loyalty of the Professor Snape with the word “Always” emblazoned in the light green color of Lily’s eyes over the black buttoned sleeve that has become emblematic (at least for me) of the half blood Prince.  It makes a lovely accessory to wear while viewing the last movie.  My accessories will include a box of tissues – all the deaths at the end including the death of Fred (I told you not to come down here if you hadn’t read the book – now shoo) and poor loyal, brave Snape (I know what you’re thinking and I am not obsessed) will be hard to watch … oh and by the way, the ring is not waterproof so please take it off once you begin to sob…

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