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…. and not for Godot this time. … at least I hope not.

Day 3 of this posting every day stuff and I’m already getting a bit bored with it.  I really don’t have that much to say. I’m waiting for the heating/cooling repairman.  Its cold in here today.  Its so cold its snowing!  Cool – look you can make the snow move around when you move your mouse over it.  Okay, so I’m easily amused…. It is cold but it is livable.  Its not like I’m in Minnesota (about 50 degrees outside and in).  But it kind of makes you not want to do anything other than leave the house which I can’t cause I’m waiting for the repairman.  It makes me realize just how lucky I am.  So many people don’t have shelter or heat or warm clothes or enough food not only in far off corners in the world but right where we live.  We take for granted so much and complain bitterly about our jobs, the traffic, the Christmas rush.  There are so many people in the U.S. and abroad who would be thrilled to have a job, be stuck in a car (not everyone has that luxury and it is a luxury) in traffic or have enough money to go out Christmas shopping and be rushing around to buy presents for loved ones.

Sorry for the sermon, its aimed more at me than you (whoever you may be).  I’ll make it up to you – here’s a video of Dean Martin singing Its a Marshmallow World.  I love the version of him and Frank singing this but this, well, this you can’t beat – Dean with a cigarette in his hand singing the song with less than heartfelt sentiments.  I can almost hear him thinking – is it over yet, roll commercial, oh geez more lyrics on that teleprompter ….

and its for a great cause…

Its a win/win thing.  What am I talking about you ask?  Has the heat withered your already addled brain? (No I got the air fixed so its not the heat – see previous post if confused).  A new recording is being released entitled Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of this CD will go to helping South African children who have been orphaned and/or impacted by HIV/AIDS.  The CD features narrations of these folktales by artists such as Gillian Anderson, Hugh Jackman, Helen Mirren, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson and Alan Rickman.  Here go to this site African Folktales to listen to excerpts of these narrations.  This only serves as further proof that Mr. Rickman should be doing more audio work – i.e., a CD of poems – John Donne in particular his poem, Song (you know… Go and Catch a Falling Star…  here I refer you to my previous post about that. The whole poem is there for your perusal.

Oh, and I saw this and got the link form the Alan Rickman Download Haven

The Proof is in the Doing…

This year I signed up to do the Breast Cancer Awareness walk.  I’m not sure quite how it happened but it happened.  Normally, I have a knee jerk aversion to any sort of planned “exercise for the sake of exercise.” It seems rather silly to me to be moving around unless there is a purpose to it.  If all of sudden I should (heaven forbid) feel like skipping down to mailbox or actually running to the store, then, I guess, should it ever happen, that would be acceptable exercise in my book.  

BUT I will perform physical activity if there is a good enough reason to do it.  Every year around March I do the 3 mile walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The funds raised go to helping find a cure for MS, a cause that is near and dear to my heart.   Well, come next Sunday I’ll be up early (another great dislike of mine) to walk 3 miles (I’m hoping a fireman or two will be around to carry me if worse comes to worse) not just for the sake of exercise but to work to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I don’t sign up for things lightly.  I did some research on breast cancer research organizations and came across the Army of Women organization.  I went to their site, read what they had to say and came to the conclusion that for me signing up for the Army of Women was the right thing to do.  This is an association that is gathering as many participants as it can so that steps can be made through research and funding to deal with breast cancer.  By joining you are not doing anything but saying that you are willing to think about participating in a breast cancer study, should you meet the criteria.  Its really not very scary at all.  Here click on this Army of Women, read what they have to say and what they’re about and join if you can. 

Frankly, I’m participating in the Army of Women because I have a bunch of young little nieces and nephews and if I can participate in something that perhaps will keep them from having to deal with this form of cancer, well, you know, I always say I’d do anything for the little ones, and this is one way to prove it.

A googol for your thoughts…

Google is giving away ten million dollars to fund five projects that they believe will have a significant impact on humanity and the planet.  Its called 10^100 i.e., Ten to the Hundredth – which apparently is what a googol is (that’s the way you spell the number doncha know).  I knew a googol was a large number but ashamedly I didn’t know that that’s what it is – 1 with a hundred zeros after it.  The word “googol” looks to me like the name of some Russian writer whose works I’ve never read.  But I digress. All the details are here: 10^100.  I think we all need to come up with something to submit.  It doesn’t hurt and it might help.

Small ideas can change the world if put into action.  I recently read about Playpumps which I think are brilliant.  Using kid-playing power to pump water in underdeveloped areas by using a merry-go-round or roundabout or whatever your culture calls it.  Its simple – the children play and exercise and water is pumped!  Amazing.  I think that’s the kind of ideas Google is looking for.  Click on the image below for more info.


And if you’re thinking with the economy the way it is, I don’t have time to think about other people’s problems — here, try this website: http://www.globalrichlist.com/index.php — You put in your income (you don’t have to be exact – you can even lie or just be vague about it if you want) and it will let you know how rich or poor you are by comparison to the incomes of the rest of the world.  Give it a try. There are no strings attached and no donation to anything is necessary.  Its just interesting.

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