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And now for something completely different

A little light entertainment – click on the link to go to Colbert’s interview of Elijah Wood – especially do so if you are as big of a LOTR geek as Colbert and I are (altho’ truly I have to bow to his Geekness, Colbert  is a Master Geek in this regard)  I couldn’t embed the video so you’ll have to go to Comedy Central to watch – stay through the Happy Feet to get to the Hobbit:

Elijah Wood on Colbert


Here be spoilers… if you haven’t seen the film, avert your eyes….

I went to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland  in 3D.  Let me preface all my comments by saying I enjoyed the film and wish to see it again but it is as others have stated “a bit uneven.”  I won’t even begin to compare this movie with the book because really, it is not Lewis Carroll’s story but a sort of sequel to that story.   The film starts up slow, telegraphing what is soon to be coming up in the not-so real-world, and with scenes coming off slightly awkward and forced, jumping from one foreshadowed event to another.  But once Alice falls down the rabbit hole, the movie opens up and becomes spectacularly beautiful.  I’d like to see it again without the dimming effect of the 3D glasses (if you see it in 3D, occasionally peek around the glasses to get a sense of the true color of the film).  I am a fan of the visual world of Tim Burton and in that respect this movie does not disappoint.

Once in Wonderland, we are introduced to the familiar characters that Mr. Burton has re-interpreted with a less childish perspective. The 1951 Disney animated Alice portrayed Wonderland through a child’s perspective and this, what we are seeing now, is Wonderland seen through a young adult’s perspective… which leaves me wondering what Wonderland would look when Alice hits forty (or fifty) and falls down the rabbit hole once more…. hmmm, the mind reels… perhaps we don’t really want to go there….

As for the performances, well, Mia Wasikowska is truly Alice but Helena Bonham Carter is over the top as the Red Queen — the woman plays crazy exceedingly well.  She blasts her way through the role yet let’s you feel a little sorry for old Red, too.  My favorite line from the film is “I need a pig here.” I joked that I was going to use that as my new ringtone and look – you can get it as your ringtone:  Here Piggy… now if they only had a proper Cheshire Cat clip.  Stephen Fry is magnificent as the Cat – ubiquitously delicious.  I read somewhere that he supposedly based his vocal stylings for the Cheshire Cat on George Sanders.  I have been an admirer of Stephen Fry for some time and wish I had access to his vocal talents reading the Harry Potter series (UK audio books).  Don’t get me wrong – love Jim Dale (U.S. Potter audio book narrator) but not when he is reading the Potter series.  Absalom, the caterpillar is voiced by Alan Rickman.  Of course, we all know I have a very strong bias when it comes to Mr. Rickman’s voice.  I’ll just say his caterpillar is mesmerizing and reminds me of how much I would love hear more narration, poetry reading, etc. from Mr. Rickman … Er…. excuse me, I seemed to have digressed… where was I… oh Alice.

As to Johnny Depp’s Hatter – yes, I enjoyed his performance but was rather confused by the lisp or affectation that he used some of the time (it was almost a Boris Karloff meets Ralphie from Christmas Story type lisp) and then, all of sudden, in once scene in particular, where he is reciting Jabberwocky, the lisp disappears completely, the crazy goes away and we see a darker side to the Hatter – an almost political militant Hatter.  This is where the film gets that whole uneven quality, trying to find motivation for actions where there should be none.  At times, too much logic is cast over the sheer lunacy that Wonderland is supposed to be and succeeds only in slowing down the pace.  I believe the movie finds its full strength when Alice stops wandering around Wonderland insisting she doesn’t belong, proclaiming that all is a dream and decides to go with the flow and play along with the insanity.

Bottom line – visually beautiful, inventive, magnificent vocal performances – but this generation’s Wizard of Oz?  I’d say no, but then who really knows – it took the Wizard of Oz a few years before it became the celebrated film it is today (interesting WoO article here).  Let me be clear that I will be purchasing the dvd and single framing and screencapping so that I can take a long and detailed look at the wonderful images, the flowers, and frogs and furniture holding monkeys that Tim Burton has produced for us as well as making audio clips of the caterpillar and the Cheshire cat for my own amusement.  Oh and stay for the end titles – they are neo-Victorian gorgeousness….

It’s a Wizarding World, Harry!

Okay, Ms. SugarandSpiceTees – start stocking up on the Dramamine!

Here is a sneak preview at the commercial to be (allegedly) run during the Super Bowl for the Orland Harry Potter amusement park – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   If you want a much clearer look at the promo go here:  AOL Universal

And thanks to the Leaky Cauldron here is a fly through of the Park – go here:   Leaky Fly  The full story about the new website for the Wizarding World Park is here at the Leaky Cauldron  The article talks about the new website – click this link to go there: New Wizarding World Website.  It took forever to load for me and you need Adobe Flash 10.  It has an interactive map of the Park.  The park itself looks a little sparse to me but that could just be me… But it is a very cool website – go take a look for yourself.

An early peak…

A preview of Deathly Hallows culled from the Half Blood Prince DVD has appeared in a number of locations on the net from the Leaky Cauldron to Snitchsneeker and beyond.  Unfortunately it hasn’t made it to YouTube yet, at least I can’t find it there.  I can only embed YouTube videos so if you’d like to have a look at the Deathly Hallow Trailer (an official one even) click on the link below:

Deathly Hallows Preview

or here: The Rememberall (they have screen caps of the whole thing as well).  Alas, no Snape.  Watching the trailer, it seems I don’t remember a heck of a lot from Book 7 so must put re-reading on the list of things to do before November 2010

And here’s a little something from my etsy store you might enjoy as well – The Boy Wizard Soap (click on the photo to go get it).  Would make a lovely little stocking stuffer to go along with the Half Blood Prince DVD … just saying…. go take a look:


I have heat!  I have a huge repair bill but I have heat in the house!  Now I’m worried about paying the gas bill when it comes so I’m using the heater sparingly.  The only reason I consented to the repairs was that the air conditioning wouldn’t work either without replacing the board and transformer.  (Yes, I thought about Optimus Prime too when he told me that – I’ve been hanging around little kids too much).

Speaking of bills to pay, Capt’n … buy a flow’r off a poor girl? No?  How about a flower fairy crayon instead then, eh?  Click on the link to go to the Etsy shop and purchase at will.  They make lovely little stocking stuffers ..

I created the mold from a fairy image I purchased long ago, so I think I can be pretty safe in saying they are one of a kind.  I melt the crayons (100% Crayola so I know they’re safe for kids) in the molds (also non-toxic silicone molds that I made so I know they’re kid friendly) and package them up just for you.  I have the crayons available in other colors – just drop me a note.  So go, go to the store before I throw your slippers at you.  Sorry – I’m in a My Fair Lady frame of mind tonight….

How to catch a vampire…


Vampire Catcher amoonshadow.etsy.com
Tired of sitting by the window with your neck exposed waiting for that special glistening one? Well wait no more! Hang these beautiful beads from a curtain rod, window, door frame and let the glittery blood red crystals work their magic and lure the vampire to you.* Even if they don’t work their magic, the beads are beautiful to watch sparkle in the twilight as you drift off to sleep.   These are available at my Etsy shop – please click on the image to go get them!



*Note: Use with caution. Not all vampires are young, cute and friendly like Edward! I refer you to an image of Nosferatu.


The Vampire Catcher  is approximately 19 inches long, looped on top and made with cloisonne red heart beads, quartz, tumbled garnet, glass beads and crystal beads and comes with a little card explaining their use. click on the image! They make a nice stocking stuffer for that vampire chasers on your list from tweens to those who remember Lugosi.

Fall beckons….

Yes its still 103 degrees outside and everything is parched and blanched, but inside I’ve decided its autumn.  Smell that?  The ever so slight scents of cinnamon and dried eucalyptus wafting by on the early morning breeze – craft season is afoot!!  In my head its October.  Its time to get creative and start making things.  This year I’ve decided to work on fairy items so I spent the weekend making a big old batch of fairy and wizard soaps and  fairy crayons….

I made my own mold using Amazing Mold Putty and have been experimenting with different ways of melting the crayons.  It is really a labor intensive process.  It takes at least 3 full crayons per one fairy crayon.  Peeling the paper is the first step.  Not as easy as it sounds.  I have found slitting the paper with a knife or razor blade speeds up the peeling process tremendously.  I also am using only Crayola, made in the USA crayons.  My first attempt at melting crayons I used some generic crayons, made in Thailand.  I found after taking the paper off of 60 some crayons that my fingertips were tingly.  After that, just to be on the safe side, I went with Crayola and my fingertips aren’t tingly anymore.

I tried various ways of melting the crayons but finally settled on a double boiler method with a Wilton bottle made for melting candy to be used in molding and a pair of tongs. The microwave is faster but a little dicey.  I was able to create five molds from two packets of the Mold Putty.  This stuff is a bit expensive and there were a few not so good molds that got tossed. The volume of crayons produced at any one time is very small.  Each fairy crayon ends up looking slightly different due to colors used, drying times and pouring.  Click on the picture to go to my Etsy shop.  I’m not sure how many of these I will make for the lure of faux-fall and other projects beckons*…..

*And to show you how easily I get distracted – did you know that origin of the word “beckon” —  ORIGIN Old English bīecnan, bēcnan; related to beacon …. makes me think of a far off point of light in the hills at night, calling you to come see…. kind of like fairies luring you in…..

Mad you say?

Mad as a hatter perhaps…

I am very much looking forward to Tim Burton’s next cinematic outing – Alice in Wonderland.  These pictures have been all over the net since yesterday and I post them here so I may enjoy them (and you can have a look if you’d like too).  I just love the details, the hat pins, fabric textures used for the hat, the over-the-top use of color.  Its almost as if you took Edward Scissorhands and colored him using the palette Burton used for the suburbanites in that movie.   Click on the foto to go to Johnny-Depp.org if you want more Johnny Depp info.  The illustration below is just so gorgeous – it makes me wish I had the talent to produce work like this:

Go here to USA Today for a upclose, interactive, hi-res version to get the full effect.

Vampire Baseball

Let me preface this by saying I have never read Twilight, have no intention of reading Twilight and have not seen the movie.  The subject matter just holds no appeal for me.  The only reason I might be convinced to read the book is because of this wonderful hand-painted t-shirt from the shop of SugarandSpiceTees over at Etsy.   Just click on the images to be transported over there to have a look see.

vampirebaseballIts such a great image.  She has it available in t-shirt and tank top style – both in medium for kids (but I’m sure she’d make you one in your size if you ask).  I’m waiting for the ACEO of the image (clears throat – did you hear that Sugarandspicetees? I’m waiting…..)

And if you are very much into the whole Twilight thing – here are some gorgeous looking book beads inspired by Twilight over at Boofolobeads.

Some more shameless self promotion…

From my Etsy shop, back by popular demand – its the Potions Master’s  Pouch.  Click on the pictures to go to the shop.  I’ve sold a couple of these before – but this one is a bit different.  Its not a drawstring bag.  The tie is attached on the outside and can be wrapped and tied as you like.  I think it allows for greater flexibility in storing your secrets away.  


On the outside, the Potions Master’s pouch is deep black with buttons on one side and a black ribbon to tie up all his secrets nice and tight. Inside, the lining is made of a sheer, shimmering green that peeks through the closure to remind him of his beloved’s eyes.


Measuring 8 inches by 7.5 inches, this is a lovely little bag to hide your potions, your secrets . . . and perhaps even can be used as a gift bag for that Snape lover’s birthday.  

And its only $8.50!  What to put inside you ask?  Well, how about some Slytherin book beads from Boofolobeads Etsy shop.

Boof also has a whole Harry Potter inspired section at her store – check it out:  Click here.  (and the book beads are only $5.00!)

How about a Snapey card from my shop to go along with all the gifts.  

Actually, forget giving these as gifts – keep them for yourself.  

Alright – shameless self-promotion is over .. now run over to the Etsy shop and see what else we have… 

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