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Easter Crayon Bunnies!

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I’ve never seen this before

In an effort to post a quick and easy blog post tonight, I was going to post the gift wrapping scene from Love, Actually.  Its the scene where Rowan Atkinson playing a department store clerk is gift wrapping a pacakge.  But this is the message I came up with when I tried to pull it in from YouTube:

I’d never seen that before.  Now I know how the Chinese and North Koreans must feel when they come across blocked sites.  How is this footage not available in my country?  And why?

Since I can only imbed YouTube into this little free blog please go here, if you’d like to see the footage:  Gift Wrapping Scene

Rudolph the Red Nosed Chili Pepper

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Chili Pepper is back! He’s red, hot and festive. I used to make these many, many years ago for craft fairs using plastic chili pepper. I’m going green this year (well, really red) and using real dried chili peppers. Each one is a little different depending on the character of the chili pepper.  Click on Rudolph’s nose to go to my Etsy store and take a look!

As they are real chili peppers, they do need to be handled a little gently (i.e., they will crush if you squeeze them) so put them high on the tree where kids and pets won’t be tempted to take a bite.  Treat them like a glass ornament and they will last indefinitely.

Twelfth Post of the Month

Quick post just to refer you to other sites.  If you are truly an obsessive Harry Potter fan, check this out for all sorts of info on Deathly Hallows filming, behind the scenes info, and the like over at Snitchseeker – its an interview with Dan Radcliffe and one of the movies producers:  Click here to catch the snitch.

While there you might also want to check out these Rickman (Alan) clips from a talk he did last week I believe.  Rickman

And one last post because SOMEONE(s) sang this song non-stop at the craft fair today and I can’t get it out of my loopy head right now:

An early peak…

A preview of Deathly Hallows culled from the Half Blood Prince DVD has appeared in a number of locations on the net from the Leaky Cauldron to Snitchsneeker and beyond.  Unfortunately it hasn’t made it to YouTube yet, at least I can’t find it there.  I can only embed YouTube videos so if you’d like to have a look at the Deathly Hallow Trailer (an official one even) click on the link below:

Deathly Hallows Preview

or here: The Rememberall (they have screen caps of the whole thing as well).  Alas, no Snape.  Watching the trailer, it seems I don’t remember a heck of a lot from Book 7 so must put re-reading on the list of things to do before November 2010

And here’s a little something from my etsy store you might enjoy as well – The Boy Wizard Soap (click on the photo to go get it).  Would make a lovely little stocking stuffer to go along with the Half Blood Prince DVD … just saying…. go take a look:


I have heat!  I have a huge repair bill but I have heat in the house!  Now I’m worried about paying the gas bill when it comes so I’m using the heater sparingly.  The only reason I consented to the repairs was that the air conditioning wouldn’t work either without replacing the board and transformer.  (Yes, I thought about Optimus Prime too when he told me that – I’ve been hanging around little kids too much).

Speaking of bills to pay, Capt’n … buy a flow’r off a poor girl? No?  How about a flower fairy crayon instead then, eh?  Click on the link to go to the Etsy shop and purchase at will.  They make lovely little stocking stuffers ..

I created the mold from a fairy image I purchased long ago, so I think I can be pretty safe in saying they are one of a kind.  I melt the crayons (100% Crayola so I know they’re safe for kids) in the molds (also non-toxic silicone molds that I made so I know they’re kid friendly) and package them up just for you.  I have the crayons available in other colors – just drop me a note.  So go, go to the store before I throw your slippers at you.  Sorry – I’m in a My Fair Lady frame of mind tonight….


…. and not for Godot this time. … at least I hope not.

Day 3 of this posting every day stuff and I’m already getting a bit bored with it.  I really don’t have that much to say. I’m waiting for the heating/cooling repairman.  Its cold in here today.  Its so cold its snowing!  Cool – look you can make the snow move around when you move your mouse over it.  Okay, so I’m easily amused…. It is cold but it is livable.  Its not like I’m in Minnesota (about 50 degrees outside and in).  But it kind of makes you not want to do anything other than leave the house which I can’t cause I’m waiting for the repairman.  It makes me realize just how lucky I am.  So many people don’t have shelter or heat or warm clothes or enough food not only in far off corners in the world but right where we live.  We take for granted so much and complain bitterly about our jobs, the traffic, the Christmas rush.  There are so many people in the U.S. and abroad who would be thrilled to have a job, be stuck in a car (not everyone has that luxury and it is a luxury) in traffic or have enough money to go out Christmas shopping and be rushing around to buy presents for loved ones.

Sorry for the sermon, its aimed more at me than you (whoever you may be).  I’ll make it up to you – here’s a video of Dean Martin singing Its a Marshmallow World.  I love the version of him and Frank singing this but this, well, this you can’t beat – Dean with a cigarette in his hand singing the song with less than heartfelt sentiments.  I can almost hear him thinking – is it over yet, roll commercial, oh geez more lyrics on that teleprompter ….

How to catch a vampire…


Vampire Catcher amoonshadow.etsy.com
Tired of sitting by the window with your neck exposed waiting for that special glistening one? Well wait no more! Hang these beautiful beads from a curtain rod, window, door frame and let the glittery blood red crystals work their magic and lure the vampire to you.* Even if they don’t work their magic, the beads are beautiful to watch sparkle in the twilight as you drift off to sleep.   These are available at my Etsy shop – please click on the image to go get them!



*Note: Use with caution. Not all vampires are young, cute and friendly like Edward! I refer you to an image of Nosferatu.


The Vampire Catcher  is approximately 19 inches long, looped on top and made with cloisonne red heart beads, quartz, tumbled garnet, glass beads and crystal beads and comes with a little card explaining their use. click on the image! They make a nice stocking stuffer for that vampire chasers on your list from tweens to those who remember Lugosi.

Rubeus’ Pouch

Where does the Care of Magical Creatures professor keep treats for Buckbeak or Fang? Why in this furry pouch of course! The pouch is made from the fur of Ursus Theodorus – a magical creature prone to picnics in the woods*. This extra soft curly fur pouch is also perfect for holding one’s treasures or could be used as a gift bag for that Hagrid fan’s gift (Valentine, birthday or just because gift). The pouch measures 10 x 9 inches and has a wavy linen colored band attached at one end that can be used to close up the pouch so nothing gets out. 
A little tag with the pouch information is also included.

*Not to worry – not one Ursus Theodorus was harmed in the making of this pouch. They magically change their fur once a year as they grow leaving perfectly shaped fur images of themselves behind (this is where teddy bears come from doncha’ know).

Click on the image to go to my store and purchase it for a mere $7.00 plus shipping.  I’ve decided to be even more shameless in promoting my Etsy store items.  This was the purpose of setting up the blog in the first place.

After all this time….

This card is available for a nominal price at my Etsy store – click on the image to get there and read all about it (and buy it).

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