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And now for something completely different

A little light entertainment – click on the link to go to Colbert’s interview of Elijah Wood – especially do so if you are as big of a LOTR geek as Colbert and I are (altho’ truly I have to bow to his Geekness, Colbert  is a Master Geek in this regard)  I couldn’t embed the video so you’ll have to go to Comedy Central to watch – stay through the Happy Feet to get to the Hobbit:

Elijah Wood on Colbert

Lord of the Vuvuzela!

This made me laugh early in the morning – an almost impossible task.  Nicely done:

Of Hobbits and The Road

Okay – I’m still trying to post every day so as you noticed the content is all over the place.  Today’s post is about two interesting articles I read on line.  This one –  Our Dream Hobbit  Cast talks about who may or may not be cast in The Hobbit movie.  Apparently, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Guillermo Del Toro are writing the script – not a bad bunch.  The casting of Sir Ian, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis, all reprising their roles from LOTR is a done deal.  The big  question is who will be Bilbo.  The author of the article has some interesting suggestions – one of which I like in particular is having Alan Rickman cast as Smaug.  Most excellent suggestion.  Here’s an “unofficial” Hobbit move site that keeps up on the latest if you’re interested:  The Hobbit Movie

This article is about a month old but new to me – in it Viggo talks about The Road and The Hobbit: Mortensen Here he talks about filming on The Road and the possibility of Aragorn turning up in the Hobbit – slim to none but he’s willing if they can work it in.  So Mr. Jackson – please work him in.  Altho’ really I tend to be a bit of purist about stories and as much as I love Mr. M, I wouldn’t want the story of The Hobbit messed with too much.  I was not overly fond of the addition of all the Liv Tyler scenes in LOTR.

Hobbit Videos – Oldies but goodies?

Just for fun, two of my favorites hobbit related videos.  This one is just fun and creative and mesmerizing.

(Created by Erwin Beekveld. http://www.beekveld.com)

And this one, and let me preface this with saying I was a card carrying member of the Leonard Nimoy Fan Club in my youth but, …. well, this one is…. oh what would be a good adjective to describe it…. here, you watch it and tell me….  start with the white pants and blazer and go from there…..

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