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For the past 67.5 days, I have been limiting my sugar intake.  Routine lab results showed my blood sugar levels at dangerously close to prediabetic levels. I believe those levels to be arbitrarily set but still, one is of a certain age, one tries … and since I had more lab work to be done in two months time, I figured being sugarless for the next two months would hopefully keep the doc off my back when the next set of results came through.

Anyway, on the 23rd day of my self imposed unsweetened existence, my cousins from Uruguay visited and gifted me with a massive jar of the all that is good in life, dulce de leche. And not just any any old jar – a pound! A pound of good dulce from the home countries.

I will have you know I stood firm and resisted that demon jar’s whispered sweet nothings. Try as it did to position itself in the pantry so that while reaching for beans I would be blinded by the glint of light reflected from its suave caramel creaminess, I did not succumb. Defeated, it sulked behind the tomato sauce cans and shot me sultry looks from beside the olive jar if I so much as glanced in its direction but I held strong.

Blood was drawn today! The die is cast! And until I get the results back in one week I will be sugarfied! In case my blood sugar levels are still unacceptable and I get permanently placed on a sugarless regime, I intend to finish that jar of dulce de leche by the spoonful and perhaps even sprinkle it with the leftover Easter candy that has sat on the dining room table flexing its chocolatey muscles at me (reader I must confess, I fell prey to the charms of a chocolate bunny at one point … it was a small bunny, tiny …. teeny tiny … really …)

Anyway, the point of all this is I went to open the jar and was met by the image above.  Well, it’s supposed to be above. … imagine the top of a jar. I almost dropped it – expiration date 02 08 19. My cry shattered windows (but luckily not the glass jar).  I wailed, “Noooo!”  Eventually I calmed myself and took a closer look. The produced on date (ELAB) was 02 03 19 ??? … it was made to expire in five days???

Yeah, I’m an idiot, sugarlessness made me stupid. This is a product from a outside the US where the dates are not written MM DD YR.  The day comes first, then the month, then year. The dulce will be good through August, but frankly I doubt it will survive the night.

Oh, I’m back by the way … at least for now …

Quiet Night

Its been a slow night at work and my shift is almost over.  The place is dark, quiet, comforting in its “aloneness.”  I walk the halls without lights, knowing the way and what is there at each turn … I have a general sense of something gradually ending, transitioning into something new. Not work or anything at which I can point a finger but just “something” – a soft, satisfied cache of memories kept, a small letting go, an expectant waiting for what is to come without fear  …

Must be the blue moon …

It’s hot, Africa hot***

Wow – the old blog is quiet. Kind of nice.  Feels like I can write about anything and not get backlash. I can be controversial and edgy and run in circles until I collapse (not with scissors of course ’cause that would be dangerous).  ….. Uhm …. So …. It’s really hot outside. Yup, yup … Kind of muggy which makes it worse.

(snickering from the back of the blog with a drawled out  “insightful. Soooooo glad you’re back.”)

Hey, you know, you can’t just jump into being controversial. You build up to it. Ease into the heavy stuff. Okay fine so I can’t think of anything controversial or edgy.  The heat has me holed up in the recesses of a dark room with air going full blast waiting for night to fall so I can go outside. I really, truly, madly, deeply hate Arizona summers (catch the Alan Rickman reference there – old habits die hard (hah – see I did it again) … This knowing I don’t have any readers is kind of fun. Ooh the sun is beginning to set. I’ll  write more tomorrow.  See ya’!

(“Oooh, how will I sleep!” Door slams.)


*btw – the voice of the blog sounds like Tim Gunn on his snarkiest of days with a little tiny bit of Frank Nelson if you are old enough to remember him.  Google him if not.

***quote from Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues

All Hallow’s Eve at the Blog

Hi Blog!  See I came back!  Two days in a row! Doesn’t this prove my commitment to writing here on a regular basis … well on a more regular basis… Blog?

(Sullen voice from the back of the blog) Whoop tee doooo! Aren’t you impressive … Now keep your voice down, we’re hiding from the trick or treaters.

But uhm blog? Blogs don’t get trick or treaters.  No need to worry. No one has been by here in ages …. except of course those people who keep visiting the Pee Wee entry and the Peter Kastner entry, but they won’t bother you.

Shhhh… I think I heard someone.  Turn off the lights!

So … what’s new?

Guilt finally overcame my laziness and I decided to perhaps throw a few sentences up here lest it be declared abandoned property.  I’m just glad I didn’t find any squatters.  One never knows …

I’ve been out traveling the webs, posting hither and yon … Yikes! My writing tonight is just … what’s the word I’m looking for … archaic, full of lacy doilies and overstuffed cliches.

I’ll try to find something interesting to report in the near future.  More than likely it will be an angry rant about something or other … I’m into angry rants … even more so than in the past … so you might want to run while you can….

Signed, the Queen of Ellipsis

Why, Even as BBC Sherlock Fans, Elementary Has Become Our Favorite

Why, Even as BBC Sherlock Fans, Elementary Has Become Our Favorite.

Well said! Now I don’t have to say anything further on the subject except I like BBC Sherlock, love their Watson and especially Moriarty BUT I LOVE/PREFER ELEMENTARY IN ITS ENTIRETY AND JONNY LEE MILLER’s PORTRAYAL OF SHERLOCK.

Wizarding news!

What!?!?!! No …. Really?   Yes, yes, yes (with much jumping up and down!). – my reaction to this news….




Happy 20th X-Files!


This is from xfilesnews – click on photo to read.   And I agree, thank you DD for the red speedos!

Swim I say!

I just had my first swim class. It was a perfect day in the desert for it – a blanket of grey clouds, occasional light rain, temperature in the mid to high 70s. Watching my niece and nephew learn to swim these past few years inspired me to take the class. While I can doggy paddle and get across the pool, I want to learn how to do what they do so effortlessly. Getting into a swimsuit and going out in public was the biggest hurdle. I’ve lost a little bit of weight recently so I no longer look as much as I used to like my Slavic ancestors vacationing on the coast of the Black Sea. This commercial still cracks me up, even if its not PC —

Eeez next, svimwear

Okay, body image issues aside, just participating in a class for myself is something I’ve not done in over a decade or more and it took a little bit of convincing myself to just do it.  Bravely, I got myself to the pool, put my stuff down and became a female Tommy, i.e., took off my hearing aides and glasses and voila the deaf, dumb and blind girl heads for the water. I found the majority of my classmates were in pretty much the same boat as I am when it comes to swimming experience and we shared the goal of learning to swim sufficiently well enough to do laps. All in all it turned out to be a pretty good experience. I learned or am learning to put my head under water while swimming which may not seem like much but is a huge issue for me — water in the ears aaaaagggghhh! And I got these words of wisdom from the instructor: “you tense up, you sink.” Applies to all life that, …..

That’s class one. We will see how I feel next week. I just hope she doesn’t make us dive. I draw the line at diving – I’m more of an ease my tushy slowly into the pool kind of gal.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from a new hero of mine – 64 year old Diane Nyad who just swam from Cuba to Florida (click text to go to original page):

DIANA NYAD: The thing about aging is, it’s true that the clock seems to be ticking faster as you get older. It isn’t, but it seems to be. Time seems to be running out. And I wanted to swim this endeavor not to just be the athletic record. I wanted it to be a lesson for my life that says, be fully engaged. Be so awake and alert and alive every minute of every waking day, because that’s where I had to be for these fortunately years to get this done.

Stephenie McMillan Passed Away

I didn’t know her by name but when I read what she did I realized just how important she has been to the lives of all of us who love the Harry Potter movies.  She was the set decorator on all eight movies.  She is the one that made Harry’s world magical.  Ms. McMillan described what she did as a set decorator:

In an interview with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts last year, McMillan detailed her work flow — she’d read the script, make a list of all the different buildings and special props, guesstimate a budget and start her scavenger hunt.

(Click on the quote to take you to the LATimes obituary article.

Here is another quote from an article describing how she perceives what she does:

Set decorators are in charge of what is in the set from curtains, colouring and furniture to props used by actors and every detail within. Stephenie says that it doesn’t matter to her if you don’t see every detail or if it’s too dark to notice one of her intractably designed pieces in a set. The practise of designing and creating an atmosphere that is real and comfortable for all is more important than if it is seen by anybody. Stephenie’s main concern is the feeling of space and even if something isn’t seen it still adds feeling to the set.

Click on the above quote to take you to a very interesting article with photos of her work.

Her work on the films was and is inspirational.  Her work captured the spirit of the world that JK Rowling wrote about in concrete form – from the teacups used in Divination class to the wonderful chaos of the Weasley’s home to Dumbledore’s office and Snape’s Potions Class … all the details were put in place by Ms. McMillen and we thank you.


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