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…. and not for Godot this time. … at least I hope not.

Day 3 of this posting every day stuff and I’m already getting a bit bored with it.  I really don’t have that much to say. I’m waiting for the heating/cooling repairman.  Its cold in here today.  Its so cold its snowing!  Cool – look you can make the snow move around when you move your mouse over it.  Okay, so I’m easily amused…. It is cold but it is livable.  Its not like I’m in Minnesota (about 50 degrees outside and in).  But it kind of makes you not want to do anything other than leave the house which I can’t cause I’m waiting for the repairman.  It makes me realize just how lucky I am.  So many people don’t have shelter or heat or warm clothes or enough food not only in far off corners in the world but right where we live.  We take for granted so much and complain bitterly about our jobs, the traffic, the Christmas rush.  There are so many people in the U.S. and abroad who would be thrilled to have a job, be stuck in a car (not everyone has that luxury and it is a luxury) in traffic or have enough money to go out Christmas shopping and be rushing around to buy presents for loved ones.

Sorry for the sermon, its aimed more at me than you (whoever you may be).  I’ll make it up to you – here’s a video of Dean Martin singing Its a Marshmallow World.  I love the version of him and Frank singing this but this, well, this you can’t beat – Dean with a cigarette in his hand singing the song with less than heartfelt sentiments.  I can almost hear him thinking – is it over yet, roll commercial, oh geez more lyrics on that teleprompter ….



I’ve been away for a little bit and came home to find some HBP news  on the net – an eery scene that never made it into the Half Blood Prince.  Its rather good in my opinion but I can see why it was kept out of the film ending as it was edited (I didn’t like the film end as it was edited).  This scene gives us an idea of what the film could have looked like if they had rushed less and had taken the time to tell the story properly.  It is also available here at the Leaky Video Galleries) but here it is on YouTube….

I’ll refrain from heaping praise on Rickman – the few seconds of his performance speak for themselves.  I love the choral reference and the dark yellow green look of the cinematography reminiscent of Prisoner of Azkaban.  Hopefully, there will be more like this (including the It’s over line) on the dvd.

Eels End Times?

This is the new intro page to the Eels web page:

eel front page

Apparently “end times” will arrive on January 19, 2010.  There is speculation as to what it all means (check out speculation at Estranged Friends forum if you’re interested).  I personally think that’s the date the beard gets it (and not a moment too soon I might add)!  To back my theory, here is a link to Spinner.com story wherein E supposedly sent in this:  10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Eels singer’s Beard which appeared about the same time the “End Times” front page did.  Case closed.  Frankly, I miss E’s face …. 

New video from Eels for That Look You Give That Guy.  This is one of my favorite songs from the new album (El Hombre Lobo).  The song is poignant and I think resonates with anyone whose ever been looking in from the outside.  As for the video, Padma’s okay, E is awkwardly funny and Bobby Jr. steals the show.  And while I acknowledge that my opinion on the matter matters not, may I suggest to Mr. E that perhaps it is time to retire the beard.  I’m sure there’s a casino somewhere that would be willing to buy it on E-bay to add to its collection of oddities.

Just because…

I saw this on the net somewhere in my surfing and thought those of you who are Next Generation/Picard fans might enjoy.  I personally am an old school Trekker – Kirk, Spock and the rest.  Never did watch the new shows… perhaps I should.  Anyway, here you are the Picard Song (its kind of long):

It really reminded me of this … They’re taking the hobbits….

And then there’s this too:

Total Eclipse of the Heart?

I saw this over at the  Radical Radish blog and it just made me laugh out loud.  It is very well done and very funny – I never realized how truly weird the video to this song was … what the hell were they originally trying to imply with the video to this song anyway?  Take a look – its called a Literal Video….

El Hombre Lobo…

I’ve read some rather snarky reviews about the new Eels CD “El Hombre Lobo” and some very glowing ones. My opinion is that Hombre Lobo accomplishes what it sets out to do – capturing the pain of the outsider – that little person in all of us that feels like it doesn’t quite belong.  Yes, there are some songs that are intentionally out and out creepy and some that are fuzzy and sad but you know it can’t all be flowers and sunshine and Donkey by your side now can it?  I enjoyed the album – go to the Eels Myspace page where you can listen to the whole album for yourself and form your own opinion.  EELS HOMBRE LOBO

Here’s one of my favorites from Hombre Lobo:

Save it… for de end…

I loved  Dom DeLuise.  He passed away yesterday, May 4, 2009.  The first I ever saw of Dom was his bit as the magician, Dominick the Great.  It was wonderful.  I loved the skits he would do with Ruth Buzzi as his assistant, Shakundula (or Shagundula, not sure how to spell it).  I went looking for a picture of them together but couldn’t find it.  If you should find a photo or video of them together drop me a comment and let me know please.  I think I probably saw them perform on the old Hollywood Palace show on ABC.  Dom would perform as a bumbling magician with a thick Italian accent and when the audience applauded he would say “Save it for de end.”  So here is the applause we’ve been saving up for you sir.  Thank you Mr. DeLuise for making us laugh, one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.  Here is a clip of  him and another childhood idol of mine, Dean Martin – what can I say I have thing for Italians I guess (but then who doesn’t):

You know I just realized why I found Fabio’s accent from Top Chef so endearing – it was Dom DeLuise’s accent as Dominick the Great!  You don’t have to watch the whole thing below – but it will give you a sense of the accent similarity.

Stream of thought ramblings and Charles Nelson Reilly

I spent the weekend making an art doll.  Well, actually, I’m still making her.  I’m taking a break while the base which I just varnished dries.   I’ve never made an “art doll” per se before – I’ve made and sold what I call spirit dolls which are cruciform branches, usually palo verde, adorned with minerals, cloth, copper wire and what have you, all incorporated to provide meaning to the assemblage.  This doll is a figure with a polymer clay face and hands, a much more representational and traditional looking doll figure.  I think she may be Queen Mab or possibly a crone fairy – we’ll see who she decides to be.  As I was working on the doll’s face, peering over the top of my glasses to get a better look at the details, Charles Nelson Reilly sprang to mind.  Why Charles you ask?  Do you remember Charles I say?  Well, if you do, you certainly remember the man was a wonderful story teller and a story he had spun oh so many years ago came to mind – I wish I could find it in video or written format but I haven’t been able to do so as of yet.  The story he told was of himself as a small boy, he would sit in the small apartment he shared with his family and he would sew puppets and when he told this story on the Merv Griffin Show or where ever it was I heard it, he mimicked that position all of us geeky, near-sighted folk use to work – glasses at the far end of our noses, what ever we are working on within an inch or two of our faces and that intense focus of doing something you are enjoying.  In looking for this clip I came up on so much wonderful information on Mr. Reilly – I think he was an actor/personality we all took for granted and never appreciated the true depth of his talent – he was so much more than Hoo Doo.  He was a respected actor and acting teacher and director of theater and opera productions.  I fondly remember him playing “Jose Chung” in the X-Files and Millennium (I believe that was the only Millennium episode I ever watched – it was way too dark for me….)  I spent the weekend, quietly, alone with Garrison Keiller in the background at points, and a variety of t.v. shows at other times – saw, or rather heard, the end of Mission to Mars with Cheadle and Sinese – it didn’t look half bad – but then I only saw the last half hour….. working away on a doll that may or may not ever see the light of day – perhaps I’ll post her here when I think she’s done …. Anywhooo – here’s the closest I could come to Charles Nelson Reilly’s sewing story – not really the story I remember him telling but its as close as I could get – its about three quarters of the way in:

Is it me?

Perhaps my judgment with regard to the new Eels video is clouded by age, high expectations or maybe I’m just way too uncool.  Take a look at the new video first – I can’t embed it – you’ll have to go here if you’re interested Fresh Blood Video

I understand what is being attempted and I like the bit of humor – I get the werewolf references, and the Jack the Ripper undertones (with a smattering of Lucha Libre and the slight “Touch of Evil”  feel) but ultimately my total reaction was – feh.  I like the song but at first viewing the video seemed just amateurish. 

I researched the talent behind the making of the video – and its Jesse Dylan – an accomplished filmmaker (and son of Bob).  

So, I must therefore come to the conclusion that its me, not them.  How can I question the judgment of Dylan and Everett in giving us this ruby-toned jewel of a video?  Its just not my cup of tea – particularly the bikini swim scene (reminiscent of Flyswatter doncha think) – but I am most likely not the demographic they’re aiming at. 

I’m buying Hombre Lobo when it comes out because I think I’ll enjoy the music.  The videos to the songs… well, perhaps we could get more imagery like we got in Tremendous Dynamite in the next  one.

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