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Bob May, Robot and other ramblings…

Bob May passed away this week.  Who was Bob May?  Well, to those of my generation, he was “Robot.”  Robot was young Will’s faithful companion.  Robot kept a watchful eye over Dr. Smith’s machinations.  And Robot’s frenzied arm waving warned of “Danger, danger Will Robinson!”  Robot was one of my favorites – I have a photograph of myself and Robot from one of Mr. Ackerman’s sci-fi conventions which I treasure and I have a little toy model of Robot that waves his arms around and warns “Danger, danger Will Robinson.”  My brother has one too –  Robot made an impression on both our lives.  While the voice of Robot was played by Dick Tufeld, Bob May was the man in the suit who waved the arms around and extended his bubble head and rolled dutifully behind Will and Dr. Smith. I think Mr. May and Mr. Tufeld were equally responsible for giving Robot his unique charm.  Here’s a link to an article about Bob May: Lost in Space.

I looked and looked for a suitable clip of Robot from Lost in Space and could find nothing that I liked or that featured Robot properly.  So if you’re interested in strolling down memory lane here is a link where you can watch a full episode:  Lost in Space  

Warning!  Warning! – I found it difficult to watch the whole episode of Lost in Space.  This may be something best left to memory.  Although it does stand up better than Abbott and Costello’s Jack and the Beanstalk – I had such great memories of that movie as a child and when I watched as an adult, blech, it was horrible.  Please note I am not besmirching Abbott and Costello – they produced some very, very funny films that will still make me laugh but uh… not Jack and the Beanstalk…..  Edmundo, Susana, my brother and myself used to sit and laugh ourselves silly with watching Abbot and Costello.  Hmm, I wonder where Edmundo and Susana are now… Ooops…  Sorry I seemed to have rambled myself away from the subject matter at hand… I’m going to just go away now mumbling to myself before I start reminiscing about how great the Three Stooges were …. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk …. (walks quietly away into the sunset with arm around Robot….)

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