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Cat gifts

Woke up,
Jumped out of bed,
Stepped on a dead lizard …

Luckily (for me not the lizard) he was small and dry so there was no squish. This is why I don’t share my bedroom with the cat! Having had it implied by others that I am cold and heartless (which I am) for keeping him out, I’ve recently started letting him in on occasion. I guess he felt so grateful he left me a present; a present he had apparently killed and played with for over a day before depositing it on just the right spot so that I would be sure to step on it when I put my foot down.  I can just see old Sig and his six-toed paws carefully maneuvering the lizard into place, tapping it just a couple of millimeters this way and that, working out the angles, to get his desired effect, while I unwittingly slept.

I said a little prayer for Eddie. Yes. I named him Eddie Lizard before I buried him at sea.

I guess I should be thankful his gift was only a little dead lizard on the floor. I had a cat once serve me a live roach in bed … yeah … that was a lot of fun.  Still miss that cat …. I think that was when the “no cats in the bedroom” rule began to formulate.


For the computer literate pet…

the computer literate cat











I was inspired by Alpine’s use of a computer monitor for a cat bed and came up with my own version.  

This cozy little bed is suitable for a cat or a small pup, or even a very pampered bunny. It is a computer monitor that has been emptied of all components leaving a shell that I handpainted with my humble interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The inside is also painted in soft blues and a silk pillow, which I hand-dyed with non-toxic blue/violet dye and hand stuffed, has been added for extra comfort. I’ve given the bed a light spray of varnish to protect it but I kept it light so as not to overwhelm the sensitive senses of our four legged friends. Omega (the beautiful kitty in the picture) was strolling by at a craft fair I recently did and found the bed quite comfortable.  So comfortable in fact that she will soon take up permanent residence!  Not to worry – I will gladly take custom orders.  

Visit Alpine’s blog – she has some excellent ideas – you too will be inspired to do a little recycling-upcycling: http://alpinebutterfly.blogspot.com/  

Also please note that the innards of the computer have been properly disposed of at a hazardous materials waste site.

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