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Stephenie McMillan Passed Away

I didn’t know her by name but when I read what she did I realized just how important she has been to the lives of all of us who love the Harry Potter movies.  She was the set decorator on all eight movies.  She is the one that made Harry’s world magical.  Ms. McMillan described what she did as a set decorator:

In an interview with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts last year, McMillan detailed her work flow — she’d read the script, make a list of all the different buildings and special props, guesstimate a budget and start her scavenger hunt.

(Click on the quote to take you to the LATimes obituary article.

Here is another quote from an article describing how she perceives what she does:

Set decorators are in charge of what is in the set from curtains, colouring and furniture to props used by actors and every detail within. Stephenie says that it doesn’t matter to her if you don’t see every detail or if it’s too dark to notice one of her intractably designed pieces in a set. The practise of designing and creating an atmosphere that is real and comfortable for all is more important than if it is seen by anybody. Stephenie’s main concern is the feeling of space and even if something isn’t seen it still adds feeling to the set.

Click on the above quote to take you to a very interesting article with photos of her work.

Her work on the films was and is inspirational.  Her work captured the spirit of the world that JK Rowling wrote about in concrete form – from the teacups used in Divination class to the wonderful chaos of the Weasley’s home to Dumbledore’s office and Snape’s Potions Class … all the details were put in place by Ms. McMillen and we thank you.


Twelfth Post of the Month

Quick post just to refer you to other sites.  If you are truly an obsessive Harry Potter fan, check this out for all sorts of info on Deathly Hallows filming, behind the scenes info, and the like over at Snitchseeker – its an interview with Dan Radcliffe and one of the movies producers:  Click here to catch the snitch.

While there you might also want to check out these Rickman (Alan) clips from a talk he did last week I believe.  Rickman

And one last post because SOMEONE(s) sang this song non-stop at the craft fair today and I can’t get it out of my loopy head right now:

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