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Wizarding news!

What!?!?!! No …. Really?   Yes, yes, yes (with much jumping up and down!). – my reaction to this news….




Stephenie McMillan Passed Away

I didn’t know her by name but when I read what she did I realized just how important she has been to the lives of all of us who love the Harry Potter movies.  She was the set decorator on all eight movies.  She is the one that made Harry’s world magical.  Ms. McMillan described what she did as a set decorator:

In an interview with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts last year, McMillan detailed her work flow — she’d read the script, make a list of all the different buildings and special props, guesstimate a budget and start her scavenger hunt.

(Click on the quote to take you to the LATimes obituary article.

Here is another quote from an article describing how she perceives what she does:

Set decorators are in charge of what is in the set from curtains, colouring and furniture to props used by actors and every detail within. Stephenie says that it doesn’t matter to her if you don’t see every detail or if it’s too dark to notice one of her intractably designed pieces in a set. The practise of designing and creating an atmosphere that is real and comfortable for all is more important than if it is seen by anybody. Stephenie’s main concern is the feeling of space and even if something isn’t seen it still adds feeling to the set.

Click on the above quote to take you to a very interesting article with photos of her work.

Her work on the films was and is inspirational.  Her work captured the spirit of the world that JK Rowling wrote about in concrete form – from the teacups used in Divination class to the wonderful chaos of the Weasley’s home to Dumbledore’s office and Snape’s Potions Class … all the details were put in place by Ms. McMillen and we thank you.


I’m not a Slytherin …..

Well, I finally took a little time and visited Pottermore.  To be honest, I was not overly impressed by the interactive quality of the first few chapters.  I experienced first hand what Thorn has been posting about – the load time is slow even on a fast internet connection (I’m at work … don’t judge me and please don’t say anything).  It was not as slow as Ms. Harefoot’s dial-up but still not the quality that I expect from any online game.  The movement through the chapter graphics should have been zippy but instead was a bit sluggish.  At one point, I even gave up on JK’s video message – it just wouldn’t load.  The speed seems to be a bit better now that I’ve received my wand and have been sorted.

I was chosen by a 10 inch Elm wand with a Phoenix feather core – flexibility, unyielding.   What House was I sorted into you ask?  Well, I was 100% truthful in my answers to the Sorting Hat.  I was tempted to slant my answers to land in Slytherin, but I didn’t – which shows you right there that  I’m not really Slytherin material.   I came up a Ravenclaw.  The House description actually really fits my personality – or what I would like people to think is my personality.  Deep down inside I’m probably a Hufflepuff  pretending to be intellectually inquisitive just to be nice and make people happy.

My advice to any new Pottermore students is to plow through the slow bits at the very beginning.  It gets better as you go along and the background information that Rowling provides is quite interesting.  I’ve found the short essays about why wizards and witches dress the way they do informative and was quite spellbound (ha, sorry) by the story of Minerva’s parents and her early life.

I’m waiting to see if some of the questions that I’ve had since the very beginning of the books are addressed — Why do the wizards and witches celebrate Christmas?  Are there Christian witches and Muslim witches and Hindu witches and Jewish witches? What about wizards and witches outside of the European sphere of influence – what traditions do they hold? Are they tied to the  European wizarding world or are say, Australian or South American wizards, a world onto themselves?  When Voldemort was threatening, was it just England/Europe he was threatening – or the whole wizarding world?  And if so, why weren’t they doing their bit to stop old Voldy? Do I need to get a life and think about more important things?  Nah…..

As for Pottermore, I got as far as trying to brew a potion  (which blew up – the cauldron was too hot) when I decided perhaps I’d best go on to other more Muggle-related tasks.  I’ll have to see how the site fairs on my home computer.

I’m not sure how the friending thing works on Pottermore or what purpose it has, but I’m LumosMoon4165.  They provided me with that name which I thought was oddly fitting for AMoonShadow, que no?

free shipping but only for today

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A New Image

Oh not for me – I’m always the same except for my weight and hair color – as the weight increases the hair color gets more dramatic – that way you’re looking at my hair and not the extra chin I’ve acquired.

I meant I created a new image which is now is available at my shop!  Take a look – its available as a bookmark, card, portrait and soon as an ACEO and pendant.  Use the image to take you to the shop:


I don’t understand tumblr

Perhaps because I’m old. This gif was created my obsessedfool. She or he has specific guidelines about reposting and reblogging images from his or her site. I’m not really sure what the dif is but I suspect one or the other is using the image without giving credit. I believe in giving credit to the artist always. Here is an image she created and they’re great. Visit her site by clicking on the image for loads more:

They say the lights are bright

Where? On Broadway of course. Here is a small article about Alan Rickman and Dan Radcliffe’s recent visit to Seminar. Note the last sentence of the article. I sometimes get the sense that there may be more Snape in Rickman than he’d like to admit.
Clck here: Seminar

Look …. at …. me ….

Time for more shameless self promotion…..

Snape utters those last three words to Harry “Look … at … me” unmasking who he really is and has been all these many years, while remembering Lilly one last time through Harry’s eyes. Yes, I know, way too much thought process behind this one – but it is one of my favorte lines from Deathly Hallows. This pendant is inspired by the Potions Master final act of courage.

I have taken a digital image of Snape, cropped and digitally reworked it to produce the image used in the pendant. I then placed it under a glass cabochon and onto a vintage looking copper pendant tray. The pendant measures 1 inch around and comes with a 24 inch matching chain. Please note, the pendant is not waterproof so please make sure that when you start sobbing uncontrollably during the scene in the book or the movie, the pendant is safely out of the way of your tears.
Here’s the link to my shop:  AMoonShadow – lots of other Harry Potter inspired items there….

I thought long and  hard about using Alan Rickman’s face on this.  His image is not mine to use (oh that it were) but because I manipulated the image, cropping it and filtering it through Photoshop, I decided that tho’ it is based on Mr. Rickman’s face, it is now something apart from the original and hence original.  If he’d tell me otherwise, I’d be glad to remove the…  oh, it would be so worth removing the pendant just to get a call from the voice …”Remove that this instant.”  Okay, back to earth….


I ‘m considering joining one of those November write something every day commitments… I’m not good with commitments tho…. we’ll see what happens….

Cauldrons, Hogsmeade

I took a picture while visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year … well, actually I took closer to a hundred pictures … but this image below is of the cauldron shop.  I did some digital manipulation of the photograph and created the image below.  The image is a portkey – click on it to go to my Etsy shop (and buy it – I’m trying to make my airfare to go see Mr. Rickman in Seminar!) 


Always Ring

“After all this time? … Always… ” Snape, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Snape’s devotion and loyalty are the inspiration for this ring with the word “Always” emblazoned in the light green color of Lily’s eyes over the black buttoned sleeve of Prof. Snape.

I’ve taken part of my print (see item below) and placed it under a glass dome in this antiqued metal adjustable ring. The filigree ring has a vintage looking bronze finish with a 20mm glass cabochon over the image. Please note, the ring is not totally waterproof so please make sure to take it off before sobbing uncontrollably during “that” scene in the movie and/or washing your hands.

Go over to my Etsy store and take a look – and feel free to buy!  I have to pay for those Seminar tickets (new play on Broadway, with Alan Rickman, Jerry O’Connell, Hamish Linklater – starts previews at the end of October… )

Oh, and please excuse the B&W drama shot – I was feeling rather sad for Severus when I took that one 😦

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