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And now for something completely different

A little light entertainment – click on the link to go to Colbert’s interview of Elijah Wood – especially do so if you are as big of a LOTR geek as Colbert and I are (altho’ truly I have to bow to his Geekness, Colbert  is a Master Geek in this regard)  I couldn’t embed the video so you’ll have to go to Comedy Central to watch – stay through the Happy Feet to get to the Hobbit:

Elijah Wood on Colbert


Lord of the Vuvuzela!

This made me laugh early in the morning – an almost impossible task.  Nicely done:

The beacons were lit…

Torches were lit on Hadrian’s Wall last night.  Go here:  V(otum) S(olvit) L(ibens) M(erito) to check out information and images and even the very cool LORT video at the end!

Also in case you’re wondering what Votum Solvit Libens Merito means: “Votum Solvit Libens Merito (willingly and deservedly fulfilled his vow).  VSLM is the acronym found on Ancient Roman inscriptions on altars, tombstones and architecture so that the gods would know you carried through on that promise.  Amazing how much the Catholic church still carries undercurrents of the old Roman religion… I may be a failed classist/art historian but I took enough classes to know how many images, symbols and traditions were appropriated by the early church from the iconography and traditions of Ancient Rome.  But once again, I’m off topic.  Go check out the blog above for some great info and images.

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