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Lo Ri Der

It is Saturday morning, I’m at work and all morning long while doing my work (I am working really I am) I have been humming Low Rider and then out and out singing Low Rider – in the copy room, in the kitchen, at my station …. and I don’t have a frickin’ clue as to where I picked it up or why that particular song has decided to make itself comfie in my head and bounce along with me as I try to work.  As songs go, I enjoy it – it’s a fun song and it could be worse, I could have My Heart Will Go On or some other sappy ballad dripping pablum in there ….

Take a little trip, take a little trip with meeee….

It has been a long time since I put video into the blog but here – I can’t hear it at work (no speakers at the moment) but this I think is War’s original version of Low Rider  (pah pah pah pahpah PAH – that’s the horn section by the way)


Eels Don’t Tweet

And with this, I have gained even more respect for E and/or the Eels – posted at their website:

4/24/2009– NO TWITTER FOR EELS: 
EELS have abandoned their Twitter account. “The only tweeting I wanna hear is in my backyard. This shit is not for us,” says EELS leader E.

Call me old and not with it – but I don’t get the Twitter thing.  Here’s an Eels video that truly twitters (I apologize – I seem to be in Forry Ackerman pun mode today)

Holiday Road

Since I have been asked by my “Loyal Reader” to lay off the Harry Potter material, here’s a little something I think will interest LR (even if you can’t hear the audio – the visuals are worthwhile)

Piano pianos

Let me preface all this by saying I am losing my hearing so this is not really a musical review of a concert.  There is a certain tone range that I have lost so that if you are a soft spoken woman with a mid-range voice you might as well write down what you want to tell me cause I’m not hearing it unless you make an effort to speak up or up your tone a bit.  That said, I still love music and I still on occasion go to concerts.  The music, depending on the instruments used, sounds off pitch and distorted to me in concert.  I recently went to see the Face to Face tour (Elton John and Billy Joel).  These men represent my youth in many ways.  I have seen each separately at least 4 times starting in the mid-70s.  I haven’t seen them in concert for a long, long time though.  When these pudgy older guys walked on stage they bore very little resemblance to the heart throbs of my youth (Billy your hair man!).  But when they sat down at the piano they were transformed.  I’ve seen this happen before – when I saw Ravi Shankar.  This frail old man toddled on stage and as he began playing the sitar, his age and frailty just disappeared as music and energy just poured out of him.  But I digress… Elton and Billy didn’t disappoint – they still have the same spirit and their voices and fingers are going strong as are they especially Mr. Joel.   Pianos and vocals are mercifully within the range of what I can still hear accurately.  Unfortunately one of my favorites, Funeral for a Friend, sounded so completely distorted because of my hearing as to be almost a psychedlic experience (not that I would know what a psychedelic experience is like mind you).  I have an audiologist appointment already made – altho’ I’m not sure this is something that can be fixed.  Elton and Billy seemed to be enjoying themselves which is always important towards putting on a good show.  Their voices worked remarkably well together.  And it seemed like they worked at mimicking each other’s vocal stylings when singing the other’s songs.  I think Billy has always had a facility for this (My Baby Grand) but Elton’s Piano Man was a wonderful surprise.

The boys presented a three and a half hour concert of almost everything I wanted to hear.  It did leave me with a desire to see Billy Joel in a solo concert.  Although he did start off  with Angry Young Man (see my previous post on the song), there are many of his lesser known songs that I think he might perform in a solo concert.  

Oh and as an update to my previous post on my adventures in the garage – the spiders are being kept at bay and progress is being made albeit slow.  I’ll have to post some of the treasures I’ve found in there at some point (I even found a program from one of Billy Joel’s early tours when he had this gorgeous tousle of hair and that soulful stare….)

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