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The 18th Post

I’ve got a cold …. yes, that’s right, another one.  I’m tired and I’m cranky and I haven’t started Christmas shopping.  My nose is drippy and sore from the wiping, my head hurts, my eyes are red and watery, I have an ear ache, I can’t breathe through my nose so I’m breathing through my mouth and I have occasional stabby sinus pains that makes me squinch up my whole face and now I’ve started sneezing  – so I decided to stay home tonight rather than inflict the monstrosity that I am unto the world or, er the mall…. so there, there’s the 18th post for the month.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be a bit more entertaining… I can’t even muster the energy to go find a video – talk amongst yourselves….


Twelfth Post of the Month

Quick post just to refer you to other sites.  If you are truly an obsessive Harry Potter fan, check this out for all sorts of info on Deathly Hallows filming, behind the scenes info, and the like over at Snitchseeker – its an interview with Dan Radcliffe and one of the movies producers:  Click here to catch the snitch.

While there you might also want to check out these Rickman (Alan) clips from a talk he did last week I believe.  Rickman

And one last post because SOMEONE(s) sang this song non-stop at the craft fair today and I can’t get it out of my loopy head right now:

Off to sell my wares on the street

I have a 3 day craft fair starting tomorrow a.m.  That translates into these post every day for the month of December posts being less than meaty and full of filler.  So, the Eels have released a new video for one of the songs on the new album “End Times.”  Here it on YouTube.  To be honest, I’ve not even listened to it yet – I just watched it with the sound off – I’ll have to catch it later when I can pump the volume up to audible.

So, what’s new…

Running out of things to say with posting everyday.

I’m getting ready for a 3 day craft fair so don’t really have much time to dilly-dally. 

Anything new with you?  Helloooo – anyone, anyone?

Here, watch this:

Okay I’m posting…

‘Cause I said I would post every day this month.  I’m taking a break from putting antlers on chili peppers – yes, you read that right, antlers on chili peppers.  I’m not sure its going to work.  If the glue holds on the eyes, I’ll post a picture tomorrow.  If not, I am going to be one disappointed puppy – particularly since I just rubbed my eye and its hurting and I’m not sure if its a result of chili pepper residue on my fingers or the beading glue that I’ve been using.  Alright, off to wash my hands (and eye) and break some crayons to mold into skulls.  And then perhaps I’ll make a couple more bars of soap before I go nonnies…. g’night.

December 6, the non-infamous

I’m still posting every day.   Yes, its only been six days but you know, I usually post to the blog maybe two or three times a month.  I know no one is actually reading this stuff, except for maybe  one or two die-hards (btw thank you to you(s), you know who you are) so posting everyday is more of an exercise in self-discipline, a muscle I rarely exercise – along with every other muscle I own.

So, as for the title, I was under the impression today was Pearl Harbor Day, but it is not.  It is tomorrow, December 7th, a day that which will live in infamy.  And I wonder, does it live in infamy?  How long is our collective memory?  Has the horror of that event lost its impact?  Will the horror of 9/11 lose its impact in sixty years?  In my younger days, I would joke about Pearl Harbor Day being the day I go out and get bombed – in retrospect, a very insensitive comment considering the loss of life and the consequences of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Will those kinds of comments ever be acceptable about the September attacks on the World Trade Centers?  I would hope not but then time and distance has a way of eroding the terrifying events of history.  Perhaps its only with age that we come to understand the past – maybe you need to live a few years and see a few things to gain respect for all of history, not just what you’ve actually lived through.

Hmm… I had every intention of doing a posting about “The Clapper” Christmas commercial when I sat in front of the computer this a.m., I’m not quite sure how I got to Pearl Harbor Day from that….


…. and not for Godot this time. … at least I hope not.

Day 3 of this posting every day stuff and I’m already getting a bit bored with it.  I really don’t have that much to say. I’m waiting for the heating/cooling repairman.  Its cold in here today.  Its so cold its snowing!  Cool – look you can make the snow move around when you move your mouse over it.  Okay, so I’m easily amused…. It is cold but it is livable.  Its not like I’m in Minnesota (about 50 degrees outside and in).  But it kind of makes you not want to do anything other than leave the house which I can’t cause I’m waiting for the repairman.  It makes me realize just how lucky I am.  So many people don’t have shelter or heat or warm clothes or enough food not only in far off corners in the world but right where we live.  We take for granted so much and complain bitterly about our jobs, the traffic, the Christmas rush.  There are so many people in the U.S. and abroad who would be thrilled to have a job, be stuck in a car (not everyone has that luxury and it is a luxury) in traffic or have enough money to go out Christmas shopping and be rushing around to buy presents for loved ones.

Sorry for the sermon, its aimed more at me than you (whoever you may be).  I’ll make it up to you – here’s a video of Dean Martin singing Its a Marshmallow World.  I love the version of him and Frank singing this but this, well, this you can’t beat – Dean with a cigarette in his hand singing the song with less than heartfelt sentiments.  I can almost hear him thinking – is it over yet, roll commercial, oh geez more lyrics on that teleprompter ….

Post, the Second

Okay day 2, post 2 of my post something every day for a month (NaBloPoMo or something like that).  Let’s see what shall we talk about today….  How cold it is in my house right now perhaps?  Yes, let’s discuss that shall we – it will be fascinating…. wait, wait, don’t go I was going to make espresso…

Decided to stay?  Here, have a blankie … So, anyway, I currently have all the doors to the house open trying to warm up the inside to the temperature it is outside (at the moment around 60 degrees outside – it was 50 degrees inside when I got up this a.m.)  Oh, not to worry – I am a woman of a certain age to whom cold is a relative term (or should I say therm – ha, HVAC humor).  I’ve been just fine up to now but it looks like the weather is going to take a turn towards the slightly colder so I’ve got the heating/cooling people coming tomorrow to look at the heater.  Depending on what they quote me to fix it I may or may not be warmer tomorrow.  The warranty expired on the silly thing in May, so of course it waits until November to break down.  Oh that’s right I’ve known about this since early November but haven’t acted on it cause I was out throwing money around like, well, like me – I throw money I don’t even have around – its called “credit” – marvelous invention.   I know, I know I should have spent my employee bonus on the heater rather than an iPhone but it wouldn’t be as much fun…. plus with the iPhone I can instantly check the temperature and weather conditions and my e-mail all without having to come out from under all the blankets… okay enough rambling….

Here, here’s another little something from my shop – we have to pay for the heater repair somehow so feel free to visit the store and purchase liberally (its going to take a lot of $3.25 sales to warm this place up, doncha know).  Click on the image to go to the store – “After All this Time” – please be warned that it does refer to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and if you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled – don’t go there.

I can customize this as a Crhistmas card for you if you’d like.  Just drop me a note at the store.

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