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I’ve got rabbit ears!

Not fancy rabbit ears like my blogging friend Thorn Harefoot unfortunately. But these little aluminum bunny ears are going to help save me money. We are in survival mode around here since my hours were cut down to 20. But in a way it’s been a good eye opening experience (altho I would gladly close my eyes and get back the hours that were cut). Anyway, back to the rabbit ears – see them perched temporarily on an empty bottle of Hobgoblin? My dad found the antenna tucked away in my his garage. They may be low tech but I can pick up most of the local channels including 5 PBS stations. I cut the cable strings officially tomorrow! I am keeping the Internet connection and using the iPad, Hulu and apps to get the programs I want to watch – Daily Show, Top Chef, etc.
I think they are kind of retro chic. Make me want to put on a flowery apron, my old cat eye glasses and have a martini…


Bob May, Robot and other ramblings…

Bob May passed away this week.  Who was Bob May?  Well, to those of my generation, he was “Robot.”  Robot was young Will’s faithful companion.  Robot kept a watchful eye over Dr. Smith’s machinations.  And Robot’s frenzied arm waving warned of “Danger, danger Will Robinson!”  Robot was one of my favorites – I have a photograph of myself and Robot from one of Mr. Ackerman’s sci-fi conventions which I treasure and I have a little toy model of Robot that waves his arms around and warns “Danger, danger Will Robinson.”  My brother has one too –  Robot made an impression on both our lives.  While the voice of Robot was played by Dick Tufeld, Bob May was the man in the suit who waved the arms around and extended his bubble head and rolled dutifully behind Will and Dr. Smith. I think Mr. May and Mr. Tufeld were equally responsible for giving Robot his unique charm.  Here’s a link to an article about Bob May: Lost in Space.

I looked and looked for a suitable clip of Robot from Lost in Space and could find nothing that I liked or that featured Robot properly.  So if you’re interested in strolling down memory lane here is a link where you can watch a full episode:  Lost in Space  

Warning!  Warning! – I found it difficult to watch the whole episode of Lost in Space.  This may be something best left to memory.  Although it does stand up better than Abbott and Costello’s Jack and the Beanstalk – I had such great memories of that movie as a child and when I watched as an adult, blech, it was horrible.  Please note I am not besmirching Abbott and Costello – they produced some very, very funny films that will still make me laugh but uh… not Jack and the Beanstalk…..  Edmundo, Susana, my brother and myself used to sit and laugh ourselves silly with watching Abbot and Costello.  Hmm, I wonder where Edmundo and Susana are now… Ooops…  Sorry I seemed to have rambled myself away from the subject matter at hand… I’m going to just go away now mumbling to myself before I start reminiscing about how great the Three Stooges were …. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk …. (walks quietly away into the sunset with arm around Robot….)

Peter Kastner’s Misleading Obituary

I posted the video of “The Ugliest Girl in Town” on Thursday, September 18th having no idea that Peter Kastner (the star of that show) had died that day of a heart attack.  I thank Linda who left a comment on the post for letting me know.  Why I posted, I don’t know other than the song was rolling around in my head.  Kind of  spooky, huh?  I was not a fan of Peter Kastner other than I thought he was cute in the show and he brought a smile to my face.  My condolences go to his family who on top of dealing with their grief had to spend their time refuting an obit that was clearly done with a biased point of view and very little research.  I am reposting Mrs. Kastner’s comments on the story below.  Unfortunately, the obituary has been copied and disbursed throughout the internet as gospel without Mrs. Kastner’s comments.

Peter’s widow responds Part 1

As the late Peter Kastner’s widow (who was not contacted by Martin Knelman nor John nor Jamie Kastner, the sole sources cited in the article), I am disappointed by the tenor and content of Martin Knelman’s obituary. Peter and I were married for 34 years. The Peter I knew was not to be found in Knelman’s piece. First, some minor innaccuracies: he wasn’t driving when he died, he had pulled over to the side of the road. He was not in downtown Toronto. He never came close to landing the lead in The Graduate, but was just one of a number of actors who read for the part. I am offended at having him portrayed as Norma Desmond a comparison–with a reclusive, delusional actress — that is unfair to Peter and unfair to his memory. Nothing addresses the fine qualities of Peter which would not paint him in such a negative and deluded light. His identity was not wrapped up in being an actor.

Peter’s widow responds, Part 2

After he left acting he became a high school English teacher. He became a maker of quirky and interesting videos on a wide range of subjects. He mentored many teenagers, helped raise his step-daughter and was the constant delight of his grandchildren. Not only is the article inaccurate on a factual basis, it is also a gross misrepresentation of Peter’s life after he left acting. The Peter I knew was actively engaged in the world, through his video work, his songwriting, his political activism and his many friendships. It would have been nice if Knelman had mentioned his first wife Wendy Miller, who also mourns him. The incomplete view presented by Knelman fails to capture the sweetness and soul of the good man who died in his parked car on September 18th, 2008.


I think it was Camus who said something about the best way to die being at a time when one was happy. There was nothing sad about Peter’s “end of life” He was deeply engaged with the world, making wonderful music, starting on an exciting new project, and looking forward to a trip to new York to celebrate his grandsons’ birthdays. This grim obit says nothing about who he was. He was happy, we are the sadder for losing him.

Posted by jenny kastner at 11:18 AM Monday, September 22 2008

If you want to read the obit she is referring to just google Peter Kastner – you are bound to get a version of the one the Toronto paper ran.

You don’t have to be a Mia or Sofia…

This is what I love about YouTube.  Things that I thought were lost to me forever reside in little niches and crannies over there.   When I was very young I watched The Flying Nun religiously (I belonged to the Church of Alejandro Rey).  There was a show that came on, I believe before the Flying Nun (maybe afterwards) called The Ugliest Girl in Town.  And for the past 40 years or so, every so often the theme song to that show floats through my head and I feel compelled to sing it.  I used to sound record (this was the sixties children – no VCR’s) the themes to shows and somewhere I still have a reel to reel sound recording of a Flying Nun episode (no not the Harlan Ellison one)* and the  theme to  The Ugliest Girl in Town.  The person who posted this video over at YouTube went me one better, she filmed the beginning and end bits of the show.  I didn’t have a film camera back then.

It was a silly premise and a silly show but it made an impression – its probably why I ended up watching Bosom Buddies too.  …. yes, that’s right I’m a connoisseur of vintage bad t.v. shows – “bad” really is in the eye of the beholder.  

Oh and by the way, you best be readin’ the above in yer pirate voice, or its the plank for ye!  Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrrrrrrr…….

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