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I am aging fast. My mortality has become real to me. I look forward and see that at the very best I have 30 years left of life to live, realistically probably more like 20 years left of life and honestly, I could just as easily not see the end of this decade. I never counted out my time like this before. The future was this vast cavern that I was allowed to wonder through at my leisure. Now, the walls have narrowed and I can dimly see the back of the cave. I think my mom’s passing opened my eyes. Time is limited.

With that in mind, you’d think I’d be seizing the day, living every moment like a madwoman. But no, I sit like a deer in the headlights and watch time barrel towards me. Occasionally I snap out of it, shaking my head and realizing another week has passed and projects still sit untouched, things not written, people not communicated with. And then I shake my head again and another month has gone by.


Wake up lazy gene

I was sitting there in my jammies around 9 a.m. this morning, remote in one hand, big cup of dark, black steamy coffee in the other when lo’ and behold, I was given a free pass card by the Today Show.  They had a segment on the “lazy gene.”  Here is a link to the Time article that explains it all “Is There a Laziness Gene”.  Studies were done with mice and apparently there is a gene that produces a propensity to a more sedentary lifestyle (in mice, not yet proven in humans but I’d be willing to volunteer to prove it exists).  Apparently, the experiment was done with one group of mice who ran about 8 miles a day on their little treadmills and the other group (my guys) who maybe ran .3 miles a day and some of whom even went so far as to convert their treadmill into a comfy bed or used the treadmill as their toilet area. One mouse used it as a perch from which to take a better look at the sensors that were being used to track her.  This last mouse gives credence to my theory that those of us who are less prone to exercise are smarter (hey, its my theory, if you don’t like it, get your own).  Those of us who sit around and eat chips have more time to ponder the mysteries of the universe, the conundrum of our own mortality and where the dang remote disappeared to… it was right here a second ago.

Anyway, I was inspired to produce my first ACEO card which I will shortly put up on my Etsy site.  (This site explains what an ACEO is http://www.art-cards.org/.)  My card is a one of a kind original pencil drawing entitled “Lazy Gene.”   I sense a series coming on – “The Adventures of Lazy Gene” – it may turn out to be a short series…. I still need to find that remote … and I’m running low on cheesy doodles..

Lazy Gene - Amoonshadow.etsy.com

Lazy Gene - Amoonshadow.etsy.com

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