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It’s a Wizarding World, Harry!

Okay, Ms. SugarandSpiceTees – start stocking up on the Dramamine!

Here is a sneak preview at the commercial to be (allegedly) run during the Super Bowl for the Orland Harry Potter amusement park – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   If you want a much clearer look at the promo go here:  AOL Universal

And thanks to the Leaky Cauldron here is a fly through of the Park – go here:   Leaky Fly  The full story about the new website for the Wizarding World Park is here at the Leaky Cauldron  The article talks about the new website – click this link to go there: New Wizarding World Website.  It took forever to load for me and you need Adobe Flash 10.  It has an interactive map of the Park.  The park itself looks a little sparse to me but that could just be me… But it is a very cool website – go take a look for yourself.


New video from Eels for That Look You Give That Guy.  This is one of my favorite songs from the new album (El Hombre Lobo).  The song is poignant and I think resonates with anyone whose ever been looking in from the outside.  As for the video, Padma’s okay, E is awkwardly funny and Bobby Jr. steals the show.  And while I acknowledge that my opinion on the matter matters not, may I suggest to Mr. E that perhaps it is time to retire the beard.  I’m sure there’s a casino somewhere that would be willing to buy it on E-bay to add to its collection of oddities.

Just because…

I saw this on the net somewhere in my surfing and thought those of you who are Next Generation/Picard fans might enjoy.  I personally am an old school Trekker – Kirk, Spock and the rest.  Never did watch the new shows… perhaps I should.  Anyway, here you are the Picard Song (its kind of long):

It really reminded me of this … They’re taking the hobbits….

And then there’s this too:

El Hombre Lobo…

I’ve read some rather snarky reviews about the new Eels CD “El Hombre Lobo” and some very glowing ones. My opinion is that Hombre Lobo accomplishes what it sets out to do – capturing the pain of the outsider – that little person in all of us that feels like it doesn’t quite belong.  Yes, there are some songs that are intentionally out and out creepy and some that are fuzzy and sad but you know it can’t all be flowers and sunshine and Donkey by your side now can it?  I enjoyed the album – go to the Eels Myspace page where you can listen to the whole album for yourself and form your own opinion.  EELS HOMBRE LOBO

Here’s one of my favorites from Hombre Lobo:

Piano pianos

Let me preface all this by saying I am losing my hearing so this is not really a musical review of a concert.  There is a certain tone range that I have lost so that if you are a soft spoken woman with a mid-range voice you might as well write down what you want to tell me cause I’m not hearing it unless you make an effort to speak up or up your tone a bit.  That said, I still love music and I still on occasion go to concerts.  The music, depending on the instruments used, sounds off pitch and distorted to me in concert.  I recently went to see the Face to Face tour (Elton John and Billy Joel).  These men represent my youth in many ways.  I have seen each separately at least 4 times starting in the mid-70s.  I haven’t seen them in concert for a long, long time though.  When these pudgy older guys walked on stage they bore very little resemblance to the heart throbs of my youth (Billy your hair man!).  But when they sat down at the piano they were transformed.  I’ve seen this happen before – when I saw Ravi Shankar.  This frail old man toddled on stage and as he began playing the sitar, his age and frailty just disappeared as music and energy just poured out of him.  But I digress… Elton and Billy didn’t disappoint – they still have the same spirit and their voices and fingers are going strong as are they especially Mr. Joel.   Pianos and vocals are mercifully within the range of what I can still hear accurately.  Unfortunately one of my favorites, Funeral for a Friend, sounded so completely distorted because of my hearing as to be almost a psychedlic experience (not that I would know what a psychedelic experience is like mind you).  I have an audiologist appointment already made – altho’ I’m not sure this is something that can be fixed.  Elton and Billy seemed to be enjoying themselves which is always important towards putting on a good show.  Their voices worked remarkably well together.  And it seemed like they worked at mimicking each other’s vocal stylings when singing the other’s songs.  I think Billy has always had a facility for this (My Baby Grand) but Elton’s Piano Man was a wonderful surprise.

The boys presented a three and a half hour concert of almost everything I wanted to hear.  It did leave me with a desire to see Billy Joel in a solo concert.  Although he did start off  with Angry Young Man (see my previous post on the song), there are many of his lesser known songs that I think he might perform in a solo concert.  

Oh and as an update to my previous post on my adventures in the garage – the spiders are being kept at bay and progress is being made albeit slow.  I’ll have to post some of the treasures I’ve found in there at some point (I even found a program from one of Billy Joel’s early tours when he had this gorgeous tousle of hair and that soulful stare….)


Cookie Monster lost his cookie in the boogie music…. he want it back again ….

I think I spotted a proto-Elmo dancing in the background!

Good Morning!

I don’t usually drink during the day, particularly a work day, but I may have to make an exception tomorrow and have a glass of champagne for breakfast.  I plan to have breakfast around 9:30ish my time (11:30ish D.C. time).  I expect there will be tremendous wind gusts around that time tomorrow when those of who have been holding our breath waiting for 01/20/09 to arrive can finally let out a giant sigh of relief.

Thank you for taking on this job Mr. Obama.  He is inheriting so many problems, so many impossible situations from the Middle East to Detroit and back again that I wonder if he is having second thoughts about taking the position.  I know I would be.  You know, those horrible doubts and butterflies you get in your stomach the night before you start a new job or  go back to school or go to a job interview.  I spend the night before any new endeavor coming up with excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly do it and telling myself, you know, I don’t have to do this, I can just not show up, I don’t need the stress, etc.  I wonder if Obama’s having thoughts of going up to the podium and saying, “You know what, no thank you.  I don’t think I want this job.  Here, Joe – you take it.”   

I know Barack Obama is the right man for the job.  I know he can get this country back on track and I’m willing to do whatever small part as a citizen that I can to help.  That said, I’m going to go do my part to help the economy by going shopping for a nice bottle of champagne for tomorrow morning.  Let the celebration begin!  I feel like singing and dancing even!!!!

PS – Bye-bye George.  I’d say thanks for everything but I wouldn’t mean it.  Hope you find something useful to do with the rest of your life and find a way to redeem yourself.  But I guess the first thing you’ll need to do is admit you made mistakes, that’s the only way you’ll find redemption.


I found out about this movie while roaming around in other people’s blogs and went straight to YouTube, the repository of all, to pick up the trailer:  Take a look

Its kind of creepy, huh?  Its a children’s story and its directed by Henry Selick who directed Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  The film is based on a Neil Gaiman book, Coraline, which I’ve never read.  The Amazon review (click on Coraline to read) says its for kids 9 through 12.  Really?  Again, I’m only basing my opinion on the preview above and the trailer does look visually and stylistically exciting and enticing but at the same time extremely CREEPY!  I know, I’m a big baby about scary books and movies – perhaps I have an overly vivid imagination but it all seems real to me when I read about and/or watch horrible things.  Frankly, the original Frankenstein still kind of creeps me out.  I had wanted to see Burton’s The Corpse Bride but the whole premise sounded so disgusting I couldn’t make myself watch. 

Fairy tales have always been rife with imagery depicting horrible things, tragic events, and despicable monstrosities.  For example, from Disney we get the Evil Queen asking that Snow White’s heart be brought back to her in a little wooden box!  And if you’re looking for tragedy, look no further than The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen!  (Oh great, now I have that danged song going through my head again…)  And these are the type of stories that have been told to children probably since people started gathering around a fire at night. 

Perhaps its just the opposite – perhaps instead of an overly active imagination, I’m just losing my imagination as I get older.  I guess I’ll have to go see Coraline just to give the old imagination a rejuvenating boost.

More cruelty from Warner Brothers….


Magnificent screen cap from the latest Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer (thanks to the Leaky Cauldron – click on the photo to go to see the full photo or go here to the Cauldron itself for all of the caps).  What?  You’ve not seen the trailer yet.  Here take a look (watch it in full screen-mode if you can).  Then we’ll discuss….

Its just plain cruel for Warner Brothers to keep taunting us with tidbits when they should be releasing the movie this month instead of next July.  But it does look like it might be worth the wait.  The screencap of Rickman almost carries a silent screen star quality about it I think.  I don’t know if its the emoting or the lighting of the scene but it carries impact – at least for me – I know exactly what scene this is – I think we all do.  It plays out all in Alan Rickman’s eyes (sigh) …. Oh, Oh-kay – I’ll get off my fangirl soap box – I’m too old for it anyway – I might fall and break a hip or something ….

La sombra de la luna

Ever wonder why I chose “MoonShadow” as my blog and Etsy store name.  Come on, I know you have (and by “you” I mean the one person who occasionally strays across one of my posts and hurriedly leaves confused and angry that I wasted their time).   I was going to preface this post with a video of Cat Stevens’ song of the same name.  Although I love the song, that’s not the inspiration for the name.  I was never followed by a moon shadow, I spent my time following it.  “Moon shadow” refers to that which I hope to continue chasing some time in the future – a total solar eclipse.

I have witnessed a few solar eclipses and what one is watching is the shadow of the moon falling across the earth as the moon blocks the sun from our view.  If you ever have the opportunity to view a total solar eclipse jump on it.  I was introduced to the experience by a friend who spoke so glowingly of it that it convinced me to go along on the trip.  It didn’t really take much convincing as I will take any excuse to travel.  The first eclipse I witnessed was in Potosi, Bolivia.  I remember being sick as a dog – between the altitude sickness and some very nasty intestinal issues I was in a sorry state.  But all discomfort faded as the quality of the sunlight started to change and this otherworldly glow took over the sky that eventually turned into a darkness that is not quite night.  The air chills, the birds start roosting, the world gets quiet and you are enveloped in the experience as the great disk of the sun is slowly covered by the ever-so-much smaller moon. Click on the image below to go to a Fred Espenak’s site for a great explanation and more fun facts and images. I am not a scientist.  I never got one decent picture of the eclipses I experienced.  A photograph does not capture it.  Video does not capture it.  You need to experience it.  It is a like witnessing one hundred rainbows at once.  A total solar eclipse makes you realize that you’re just a speck in the giant scheme that is the universe (or universes – I’m still hung-up on that parallel worlds thing of Hugh Everett).  An eclipse brings home that we all live on a planet, a sphere on which we are only along for the ride and of which we have no control.  

So the video I’ve chosen to demonstrate the elation of witnessing the traversing of the moon shadow is not Cat Stevens’ song, its not Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” but “Chaiyya, Chaiyya” from the Bollywood film “Dil Se.”  It best describes for me the sheer joy, the energy and the happiness of witnessing the moon’s shadow.  Plus it reminds me of India, a beautiful, magical country where I traveled to stand in darkness for 20 seconds (the duration of totality for that particular eclipse).  

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